Flowery Rave Tales: Sam Goku

“My next release comes with a bit of history. It was in 2016, when younger me was deeply inspired by the music Permanent Vacation was putting out on their label. My friends and I listened to John Talabots ‘Voices’ and Koze’s remix for Mano Le Tough with almost spiritual amazement.

I decided to give them a letter with a link to some demos I had written but I wasn’t able to find their letter box right away and felt increasingly stupid about the idea and went home. Earlier this year Benji and I met for the first time at about blank during an event I was playing at, which was set up by the agency we both just joined. We had a great talk and at the end I asked him if he was interested in hearing some demos that I had ready. He said yes and now here we are.

Being able to release my music on one of my all-time favourite labels fills me with a lot of joy and pride is the least I can say. ‘Flowery Rave Tales’ is a 6-track mini album out now.” Sam Goku