Geoglyph EP: Lord of the Isles

Dusk Delay: A new label set up by Lord Of The Isles. Inspired by the long summer nights of the northern hemisphere. Known as the ‘Gloamin’ in old Scots language. When the edges blur and colours become a white pink haze, the possibilities can seem endless. Melancholic thoughts of the past inspire optimism for the future.
The unexpected is expected between sunset and the fall of night.

The first expansive motif laid down for the new Dusk Delay imprint is the Geoglyph EP by Lord Of The Isles himself. Clocking in at 39 mins across 5 tracks; It expertly fuses rare vintage instruments and effects with ultra-modern production techniques. Side A sees state of the art sequencers lead the antique machines on a merry dance through dub techno excursions and ambient jungle soundscapes. Side B utilises a more traditional approach, however, the results are no less beautiful or otherworldly. The creative inspiration here is the same – vintage meets modern – but this time it’s created using live improvisations woven into coherent arrangements to terraform a similar fictional landscape of sound that belongs to the same galaxy as side A.

Available in all formats 26 April 2021 – includes a limited-edition marble vinyl release with postcard.