Hunter/Game “Lost” EP

Milanese duo Hunter/Game make their well-deserving return to Last Night On Earth with a four-track EP of tasteful depth, packed with their refined productions that span a range of styles and moods.

Title track ‘Lost’ is a slow-building progression that gives the haunting female vocals an impressive space to explore. Growing drum loops stack across a driving bassline as the sonic landscape develops and introduces the EP beautifully. ‘The Island’ is a sturdy groove, progressing around a percussive synth and organic drum selections. Featuring whispering spoken word, and space-age synth FX.

‘Somewhere’ creates a sense of space from their carefully hand-picked sounds. A pulsating synth bass tracks through gated vocal effects and subtle, advancing arpeggios. ‘Dial’ closes proceedings with subdued tribal drums and blissful plucking synth melodies. Restrained drops follow big builds to create a very innovative sounding masterpiece.