I Need U: Eagles & Butterflies

“I played this for the first time at Tomorrowland and was a little worried as I decided to play 90 mins of my unreleased tracks, this being one of them. I remember leaving in the morning thinking maybe I should have played loads of stuff people know instead as the vibes of the night seemed to be big hits…

But I still get goosebumps watching these to clips and remember looking out a huge crowd all smiling and cheering to music they were hearing before. This for me is so more rewarding than playing hits, and was worth the gamble.

I don’t think I ever had as many messages on any track more than this one, and it’s a track I nerver would have released if it wasn’t for this moment. In short, always take that gamble, If it works you’ll feel like a million dollars, at more a few hours.” Eagles & Butterflies.