Inland Announces Debut Album

Inland has signed to Ostgut Ton’s A-TON offshoot for his debut album, An Invitation To Disappear.

Due out in September, the LP is based on a soundtrack that Inland, real name Ed Davenport, created for a 76-minute video installation of the same name by conceptual artist Julian Charrière. The project was developed as a response to the 200th anniversary of the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora, a volcano in present-day Indonesia. The impact was so powerful it killed thousands locally, and is said to have caused a period of intense climate change across the planet, with dropping temperatures leading to wide-scale crop failures.

Charrière’s installation draws parallels between the eruption and its aftermath, and today’s climate change concerns, while tracing a path “through a palm plantation toward a totemic soundsystem on full blast.”

Davenport, who has previously scored some of Charrière’s works, adapted An Invitation To Disappear for an LP release, which A-TON describes as presenting “eight tracks of rhythmically intricate electronics and spectral, ambient techno.” Besides being his first full-length, it also marks his first appearance on the Ostgut Ton sub-label.

The first full audio-visual performance of An Invitation To Disappear (with both the installation and live soundtrack) is scheduled for September 26th at Berghain. It’s a Berlin Art Week collaboration with Berlinische Galerie, which will also host a solo Charrière exhibition. Resident Advisor