Internacional Electrical Rhythms: Azaka EP

Lossless are pleased to present you with the second EP of the infernal duo Internacional Electrical Rhythms formed of Trikk and Mathias Schober.

Dive right in and start with “Azaka” and it’s live recorded percussions. This track just builds and builds until it falls back into that irresistible and sexy main groove. It reminds a bit of old DJ Gregory tracks – just 10 BPM less. Some would even say it is epic, we wouldn’t argue though. Anyways, it serves the dance floor well and proved it many times in the past. The second track “Kosanba” keeps the EP in balance. “Kosanba” sounds more like a Sci-Fi movie soundtrack at first listen. A basic rhythm built around a modular sequence, upright piano, washed out guitars and an eerie spacey melody with tons of reverb form a track that still works in a club context, yet it’s definitely one of those tracks for the right moments as it sets a different tone for sure.

Bruno and Mathias are sure to continue what they’ve started so well last year with their Internacional Electrical Rhythms disguise.