Interview Magazine: Justin Strauss

“It’s not this utopian thing anymore”. Justin Strauss on the end of output and a type of clubbing as we never knew it.

Last week, Williamsburg’s least inimitable, and most infamous club, Output shuttered its doors permanently this New Year’s eve after a 5-year run. A mecca for DJs and dancers, alike, the space represented the best and worst ends of New York City’s nightlife spectrum. To give us a sense of the loss, and what it portends for dance culture in the city, we spoke with Justin Strauss, the city’s own resident DJ and pioneering musician. Strauss has played, in his own words, every notable dance club in the city’s history, from the Mudd Club to Area to Output. Over the phone, he addressed the club’s complicated presence in Brooklyn nightlife and the shift in club culture it helped to set off. The following has been lightly edited and hyperlinked for your reading pleasure.

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