Jamaica Suk Joins SL

Sweat Lodge is delighted to announce the addition of techno upstart Jamaica Suk to the roster.

A lifelong musician and experimenter, Jamaica Suk has fused her jazz and metal roots from the Bay Area California with a feel for soulful techno, a combination that makes her comfortable driving dancefloor workouts across Europe.

Jamaica has also been a headline mainstay on the club circuit, including being a regular anchor of the kinky, red-hot Pornceptual party, playing there alongside Boris, Norman Nodge, and others, as well as playing Garbicz Festival after Rodhad, the Sunset Campout, Whole Festival, and many others.

On the production side, that’s meant a steady stream of releases on some revered boutique labels, including for Face to Face, Sub tl, and on vinyl for L.A.G. Keeping with the milieu of producing for the discerning digger, she now turns her aesthetic perfectionism to her vinyl-only Gradient, debuting with her own music and a Cassegrain remix, and the paired Gradient Nights club series.

Booking Agent: Kavan kavan@sweatlodgeagency.com