LARJ: Kasper Bjørke & Cooper Saver

Two longtime good friends join forces and discover new paths in the process. Their collaborative project is set to be released on Live At Robert Johnson on July 7th.

After an all-night back-to-back DJ set many moons ago, Cooper and Kasper kept in touch and the idea sprung to life to produce an EP together. During their remote sessions between Vancouver and Copenhagen, three sonic excursions emerged as shiny timeless pearls from their communal studio in the clouds – three tracks that sound pretty far from most club tunes these days. These virtually born babies represent three different points in time. This could be during an imaginative never-ending party or a long road trip down south as you prefer.

Starting off with the lush Balearic dubbed-out vibes of 17:56 PM that remind us that slow tracks are stillimportant. 02:47 AM picks up the pace and its driving SH 101 bassline brings you toward salvation. The dreamy synths and euphoric atmosphere of 06:13 AM make this a sunrise weapon for any proper summer rave – closing ff their EP in a shimmery bliss.