Lauer” “Know You” EP

Always busy, you know? That’s Philipp Lauer’s life as an in-demand artist.

Whether under his real last name ‘Lauer’, together with Gerd Janson as Tuff City Kids or with Fabrizio Mammarella under their Black Spuma moniker Philipp Lauer, or the ‘Brontosaurus’ from the Frankfurt ‘Speckgürtel’ (German for ‘exurbs’) probably has more successful projects than other labels have potential artists to release music from. However, regarding the aforementioned not as Permanent Vacation, run by Munich electronic music pioneers Tom Bioly and Benjamin Fröhlich, who supplies a shelter for Philipp’s music as he released his ‘Borndom LP’ as well two and half EPs on the label, ‘two and a half’ only because the ‘Borndom’ album was provided with a remix EP. Any way, Lauer now returns with his third proper EP to the label and delivers four original tracks plus an instrumental of ‘You Know’ and an extended version of the EP’s title track ‘Know You’. For the inversion of the title track Lauer teams up with Jasnau for ‘Know You’, as he already did for several tracks that were released on Permanent Vacation or Running Back. Again the result of the collaboration is as outstanding as before, Lauer’s inevitable (tuff) disco-ish sound tendency perfectly fits Jasnau’s voice and complement each other. The result is a pop-esque track that could do the trick in many DJs’ sets as it’s a versatile dance floor filler adding a different tone and note to a (club)set.

Lauer’s EP ‘Know You’ will be released on Permanent Vacation on December 6th, 2019.

Available on Bandcamp