arch: Life on Small Planets

Arch was born in 2020 when a strange and invisible beast issued from the depths and caught us all off-guard.

The antidote for three electronic-music-lifers in Berlin was to create a series of carefully curated live concerts, an exercise in the new and bizarre language of socially distanced happenings.

Great joy was to be found amidst those challenging months. Boundaries were crossed, expectations exceeded, and a wave of new music came into existence as the artists on stage adapted and opened up to nutritiously rich, meditative zones. Hybrid strains of experimental, avant-garde, IDM, electro-acoustic and post-club ambience were witnessed and enjoyed responsibly.

Three sold out concerts later, we find 2020 drawing to a close with ‘Life on Small Planets,’ a 10 track curated album featuring many of the artists who performed at arch.

Featuring Amandra, Fred Mann, Inland & John Gürtler, Jamaica Suk, Johanna Knutsson, Kev Sheridan, Magna Pia, Mathias Schober, Merrin Karras and Perm & HAL, ‘Life on Small Planets’ is a refreshing reminder of the power and importance of contemporary (electronic) music.

Available on Tape & Digital
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releases December 15, 2020
Mastered by Mathias Schober
Art by Ed Davenport