Maeve: Jonathan Kaspar

Can’t Stop is Jonathan Kaspar’s debut EP on Maeve. The title track runs to almost 12 mins and although debated and discussed many times, both the artist and label felt the track needs this length to fully intoxicate a dance floor. It is, in short, a trip. Mano Le Tough steps up on remix duties for Can’t Stop and delivers his signature magic touch. Littered with live percussive elements, it takes the original to deeper hypnotic level before firing the machines into life and surprising the listener with a soaring hook and glittering melodies. Come Close is a straight up, heads down techno roller, made for late nights and hazy mornings in special dancing spaces. Rounding off the release is, “Too Late But Sorry”, a sweet track that is reminiscent early Kompakt records in its beauty and pace. All four tunes have their place in any DJ set and already have found an adoring audience the world over, it’s fair to say we are extremely proud to have this on Maeve.