Mixmag: Sepehr

“This mix in particular I had fun with. Recently I’ve been way back into late ’90s and early 2000s techno, like, the good kind: obscure, leftfield — there was a lot of trash in that era honestly, where they were just looping a weird four bars that sounded all dusty and crusty. The point of this mix was I was taking influence from old skool mixtapes where you’d hear a techno artist on a CD do a dance mix, and it was straight up, boom boom boom, late ’90s techno. But I wanted to mix it with more contemporary, bassy. UK-ish percussive stuff I’ve been into that I hear a lot of in New York. I was trying to mix those two, and I think I did a pretty good job. I’ve been DJing that a lot – weird late ’90s techno into that sound – and it’s been yielding really good results. I tried to encapsulate that in this mix and make it feel like a mixtape from the late ’90s, but with new sounds — and there’s a bunch of my music in there.”

In Session interview and mix by Sepehr for Mixmag. Read the full item here.