Ode To Expectations: AIDA

This captivating visual narrative dives deep into the concept behind the track – the struggle against societal and familial expectations, delivering a poignant message about the power of self-love and setting personal boundaries. Set against a dark yet hopeful atmosphere, the track features rolling Persian frame drum sounds seamlessly woven into hopeful vocal pads, enhancing the emotional depth of the song. In a lo-fi visual representation that mirrors the song’s essence, analog video feedback shows a figure and face artfully coming in and out of focus, unleashing infinite forces of shape and color that symbolize the ever-changing dynamics of breaking free from societal norms. In this sense, the video attracts notions of presence and absence, motion and stillness, where imperfections are embraced, not avoided, evoking vivid possibilities and expectations. “Ode to Expectations” is a compelling ode to resilience, encouraging listeners to prioritize self-worth and celebrate the empowerment that comes with living life on their own terms. Directed by AIDA and Mena El Shazly in Vancouver, BC. ‘Ode to Expectations’ was released on Apranik Records in 2023.