Phonox: Mano Le Tough

Step into four transcendent journeys this May, as Mano Le Tough hosts four Fridays at Phonox.

An Irish native, Mano has had stints living in Germany, Switzerland and more. With a jam packed global touring schedule from 20 years in the scene, Mano has come to embody the spirit of internationalism in dance music. Mano’s artful DJ style has won him international acclaim for his ability to unite music lovers from across the world, with a dance music sound that captures the imagination of a global coalition of ravers. With a focus on the melodic, immersive side of house and techno, he seamlessly blends the two together creating an inclusive and euphoric sound which has seen him ascend to the precipice of dance music across the world. With legendary sets at Berghain, Else, De School, Pacha and beyond on record, his unwavering commitment to the distinctive Le Tough sound has solidified his status as one of Ireland’s finest exports. This residency will be a testimony to the addictive Le Tough sound that he has been developing over 20 years, a historic moment for a historic artist which we will reflect on together this May. The full programme will be announced soon, you can sign up for news and priority access to tickets via the RSVP button now.