Premiere: Golpe De Estado – Liquido (Marc Piñol Remix)

In this first days of 2019 we have the fantastic new track from Discos Capablanca’s Golpe De Estado – ‘Liquido’.

When we say ‘new’ this is a track which has existed in some shape or form for a decade, a production from Hugo Capablanca and Oklo Gabon was reportedly rejected from a label for being too weird. A decade on Marc Piñol heard the track, was blown away by it and asked Hugo to remix it.

The result is a shonky New York influenced lo intensity houser chock full of live instrumentation. Bongos, sax, flute and freejazz which would not sound out of place in a Kenny Dope or Louie Vega set, think Nu Yorcian Soul remade in the Catalan and you are somewhere near close, but not close enough.
Do yourself a favour, hit play melt away.