Love Over Entropy 2 (by Dirk Kome)

Ahead of his appearance at the Something Happening Somewhere showcase March 11th for Fiction NYC, Love Over Entropy chats with Torture The Artist.


Ahead of her performance at SXM Festival which takes place March 15-19 in St Martin, Honey Dijon talks to XLR8R.

Honey safe_image

This week Miss Honey Dijon is taking over Resident Advisor’s Instagram. Follow her here.


The Chicago native shares her all-time favorites with Mixmag.


Honey Dijon’s Fake ID Was the Start of a Lifelong Love Affair with Clubbing. Some words with Thump pre SXM Festival.


Berlin’s Local Suicide caught up with The Drifter in the run up to the Sweat Lodge x Blank event this Friday at About Blank.


Isolée will release a new EP on Maeve January 20th on vinyl and digital.


Premiere: Stream a New Aera Track on Hivern Discs via XLR8R.


Preview and download BNJMN’s fresh release on Counterchange via XLR8R.


Aera interviewed on the Inside Innervisions video produced for the Smirnoff Sound Collective.

Love Over Entropy 3 (by Dirk Kome)

The rising producer offers a few pointers on making your drums stand out for XLR8R.


Ahead of his appearances this weekened in Tel Aviv, Essen, and Berlin Ed Davenport aka Inland speaks with the Goethebunker blog.