High 5 with Aera

German producer, DJ, live act and Aleph label founder Ralf Schmidt aka Aera, set foot in the electronic music world in the mid 90s, where house and techno music saw some of its finest hours. With his gloriously colourful repertoire of influences – including house, acid and trance – it’s not hard to understand why he commands the support of some of the top record labels such as Innervisions, Hivern Discs and Maeve – just to name a few. His productions are light-footed, teeming with vibrant soundscapes and irresistible drum beats. Much like his powerful productions, Aera’s intense live and versatile DJ sets promise to transmit fine-tuned vibrations to the dancefloor. This is why Fiction Lab is delighted to shine the spotlight on 5 handpicked tracks by Aera.

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