Honey Dijon Vogue

Honey Dijon’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things fashion-related—from her impressive magazine collection (she has every issue of i-D, W, and Italian Vogue from the moment that Steven Meisel’s photographs first graced its pages) to her ability to name-drop niche designers—would be intimidating if not for her affable demeanor. The Chicago-born DJ, who now splits her time between Berlin and New York, has become a bona fide staple in both the fashion world and serious electronic music circles since she started dancing at clubs as a teenager in Chicago during its halcyon days of house music, when legends like Frankie Knuckles and Derrick Carter were spinning. From her collaborations with Kim Jones of Louis Vuitton (Dijon created an original mix for the Louis Vuitton Fall show early this year) to spinning her eclectic mix of house, disco, techno, and more at after-parties for designers like Riccardo Tisci, Dijon has managed to gracefully bridge the worlds of fashion and music without compromising her deep connection to underground culture. And while she usually has to work during New York Fashion Week in some capacity, this year she’s just been enjoying being a personality at parties while prepping the release of her debut album, The Best of Both Worlds, out on October 13. The title is a pun, given that Dijon is a trans woman; it’s also an accurate “reflection of me as an artist, sort of fusing all sorts of different musical genres together,” as well as a showcase of the queer origins of dance music.

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