LGR: Red Bull Elektropedia

Ever since finding a connection with renowned labels such as Hotflush and Turbo early on in his career, we knew there was still a lot to expect from Tim Van de Meutter, aka Locked Groove. Few years later, the man gathered an impressive discography, bundling Chicago, Detroit, minimal trance and 90’s rave, while adding labels like Life and Death, Permanent Vacation and Kompakt’s Speicher. to his fanbase. Although he emigrated to Berlin, Locked Groove still stays true to Belgian dance heritage and its DNA, which he inherited. In his sets, as well as productions, he crafts industrial retro or trance, with melancholy and atmosphere, claiming his own referential sound. 2018 was ushered in with the reboot of Locked Groove’s eponymous imprint. While we were already spoiled with two releases, there’s still lots more to come during the following months. Seemed like the perfect timing to meet up and discuss his plans and views.

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