Mano Le Tough for Fabric

Mano Le Tough might be one of house and techno’s biggest success stories today, but his pathway to reaching this point paints a sincerely modest picture: he vacated Ireland for Berlin with dreams of making it as an artist, grafting between bar work and playing the city’s club circuit to cover his rent.

His night Passion Beat became something of a go-to spot among the city’s locals, and after his first releases on Permanent Vacation he started to break out beyond the German capital. Nowadays Niall Mannion is one of electronic music’s busiest touring artists, with a distinctive melodic sound originally popularized by the label Innervisions.

Mannion’s career has certainly accelerated at a faster pace, but moving from Berlin to the leafy Switzerland town Meilen has added a sense of balance to his week. When we contacted him for an interview ahead of his appearance in Room One this Saturday, he discussed life in the countryside, his record digging habits, and the reasons for starting his label Maeve.

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