Premiere: BNJMN “Neurocity”

Since their inception in 2013, Berlin’s Bright Sounds have firmly established themselves as a label that aims to bridge the gap between the dancefloor and more experimental sounds, incorporating outsider tendencies into a club-focused framework across a steady output thats seen varied EPs from Shlømo, Tilliander, and Burnt Friedman.

Hot on the heels of their tenth release, Conforce’s ‘Zero Point Field’, comes another label debut from Ben Thomas aka BNJMN. A UK-born producer based in Berlin, Thomas first surfaced in 2010 with his debut on Rush Hour Recordings, leading on to an array of highly lauded releases on Tresor, Delsin, Counterchange, and more recently on his newly founded imprint Tiercel.

His first release of 2018, the ‘Black Coast’ EP, was a hadopelagic plunge into deep and murky waters, a minimalist depth-charge that sat firmly on the darker end of the spectrum . It seems that with his latest for Bright Sounds, however, he’s moving in a different direction: the ‘Final Network’ EP is a four-track collection of delicately textured, bright and airy techno that glides freely over the water rather than sinking beneath the surface.

Today we’re bringing you a premiere of ‘Neurocity’ from BNJMN’s latest record. In keeping with the title, it’s a highly tense affair that spins perpetually in circles, constantly in flux. Anchored by a solid ambient-techno structure, aerated arpeggios and high-frequency shimmers dissolve and reappear within the sonic mist to create something pleasingly ephemeral.

Final Network EP is scheduled for release 17th May 2018.

A1. Reticuli A2. Neurocity B1. Cloaked B2. Final Network