Redshape Joins Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge are pleased to welcome Redshape to our roster. Whether preforming one of his classic Live or DJ sets, when the mask comes off as Sebastian Kramer he bridges house and techno, Berlin and Detroit, past and future with undeniable presence.

Redshape stars in another deep tripping, sci-fi odyssey on his imprint for Present 16.

Opening The Gate reveals a slow but surely building burner that is classic Redshape, ripping the space-time continuum fabric apart at its spoken word climax narrating of solar winds, cosmic ray particles and the speed of light.

Heed the track’s unmistakable call and take flight on an interplanetary elevator with parched, bone-dry percussion, twisting lines with propulsive bass and growls that rumble underneath, enveloping you in an air cabin of Jedi-level sound design prowess.

The ride truly begins next with Voyager. It’s all aboard a throbbing deep low end countered by floating, melancholic sustained chords with twinkling bleeps and fading bloops that light up like the star-studded Milky Way. Frantic hi hats and modulated percussion work keep riders on the edge of their seat through this fantasy space-age joyride at warp speed.