BNJMN on Counterchange

BNJMN‘s exceptional back catalogue, straddling gorgeous synth-laden house, experimental techno and textural ambient diversions, spans 2 LPs on key Dutch label Rush Hour, and numerous EPs for Delsin, alongside 12”s on his own Brack imprint.

The prolific British producer now follows up his recent ‘Droid’ single on Delsin, which featured remixes from close colleagues Cassegrain and Ed Davenport’s Inland alter-ego. Heading even further into harder Techno territory BNJMN marks his intent with this heavyweight four tracker on Counterchange, entitled ‘MDCCLXXII’.

Tipping his cap to 90s industrial techno, the A side delivers two uncompromising cuts. ‘MDCCLXXII’ is pacy and tough – brash drums merging with metallic, tonal signals and searing hats. ‘Tor’ is similarly up-tempo however more stripped in comparison, BNJMN continuing his inventive and challenging sound design in this Beltram-esque bassline killer.

The B side makes quite a contrast – ‘T.E.N.S’ being a short collage of buzzing, cerebral electronics, leading into ‘Where The Wild Berries Grow’. It’s a fuzzy, hypnotic trip stretching out over 8 minutes – a glistening blend of lo-fi ambience and post-club psychedelia, all the while keeping us locked into a padded 4/4 throb.

Artwork by Carina Wittmann

Out on Counterchange Nov 18th