Mano Le Tough on Pampa

Mano Le Tough will release his first record on Pampa this November. The new three-track EP prominently features the Irish artist’s vocals.

Ahsure sees the Irish artist born Niall Mannion combining his vocals with dance floor rhythms for what the label calls “some of his most honest and accomplished work to date.” It’s Mannion’s second release this year, following an EP for the label he co-founded, Maeve.

While he hasn’t put out a record on Pampa previously, last year Pampa head DJ Koze turned in a couple of remixes of “Energy Flow,” a track off Mano Le Tough’s 2015 full-length, Trails. Pampa’s been relatively quiet on the release front otherwise this year, the label’s output limited to Sophia Kennedy’s self-titled debut LP.

Pampa will release Ahsure on November 3rd 2017.