Tears Of A Rough Machine

Pisetzky’s full debut album on Just This, “Tears Of A Rough Machine”, is an exploration into contemporary techno music, fines ambient works and unique broken pieces.

An intense mixture of warmth, weird fluffiness, mystic trumpets and high uplifts, the album is interspersed with short ambient and fragmented interludes, each just a few minutes long: ‘State of consciousness’ and ‘Tears of a rough machine’ are serene and reflective tracks that give the listener time to breathe and bringing him/her back to more dance floor focused tracks of the LP like Viridis, Bakwas
and Wand.

The result is a magic story, a history in eleven chapters that the listener is guided through, like the landscapes of a mystic journey, with a twist on the melodies and hidden effects behind every deep bass sound.