Trigonometry of Love EP

Preview the first sounds from Nuno Dos Santos‘ Trigonometry of Love EP due out end of March via his own Something Happening Somewhere imprint.

Life often consists of finding a balance between the sweet, sour and bitter. Sometimes it can feel like walking a tightrope and at other times it’s a joyful experience of serendipity. Bending away from a course or position of alignment, the distance between yourself and the people close to you constantly shifts. If one of the distances changes, the others do so automatically. It requires a true maverick to fully experience, a brave soul that is willing to sacrifice and trade in the morality play for the entire chromatic spectrum. Do you think you will enter the garden of bliss without such trials as come to those who passed before you?

Something Happening Somewhere head honcho Nuno dos Santos is presenting his first and very personal EP on his label called Trigonometry of Love. After his Wibaut127 and a string of acclaimed remixes it’s time to let Nuno speak from the heart, being one of those souls who knows there is no reward without renunciation.

As a departure point, Storm Inside doesn’t beat around the bush. With it’s eerie vibe, thundering claps and stomping bassline it feels like there’s something dark stirring inside. You have to take a dip into the unknown before you can embark on your journey. Trippy and chopped up sounds make way for the breath of a vocal before returning back to the abyss. Sound molded into an angry tour de force for the basement.

Wonka’s groove came straight from the chocolate factory. Wonky sounding bells tickle the ear and lush pads assimilate an injection of purifying mountain air before a hypnotizing motif enters the stage and it all evolves into an organic substance.

Prosa evolves around a delightful melancholic chord progression with voice stabs that ascend into clouds of desire. It teases until finally breaking trough with a arpeggiated bassline that lifts you into further blissful states. If being in love would have a sonic signature, this is how it could sound.
When you’re trying to catch your own reflection, Dust In Your Eyes is there for your needed introspection. A bass cadence is covering the veil, concealing your true self. Quirky percussion and pads slowly reveal the truth. Rethinking your position, sometimes it’s better to stop the thinking mind and find your way by heart. Calculations stop making sense when everything is in flux.

A1 Storm Inside (4:44)
A2 Wonka (6:00)
B1 Prosa (4:36)
B2 Dust In Your Eyes (6:02)

Title: Trigonometry of Love Ep
cat nr.: SoHaSo 011
12” vinyl (limited to 300 copies)(24-03-2017)
Digital: (31-03-2017)
Artwork: Miguel Dos Santos
Distribution: Kompakt