Adam Marshall
New Kanada | Maeve Based in Berlin Germany

It has become de rigeur to talk about boundary-hopping artists, but in Marshall’s case, he’s earned his reputation as a trailblazer. Born and raised in Toronto, and now based in Berlin, he’s been active as a producer, DJ and label head for some 10 years now. But, at a point in his career where other musicians find themselves slowing down and settling into their comfort zone, Marshall seems refreshingly unencumbered by his past achievements—and equally unconstrained by the limits of the scene around him. Marshall has long been a top-notch producer, but the past few years have seen his work getting more inspired, more experimental and more confident in its own path.


Jasper EP- New Kanada – 2014

Heavy Metals / Night Train – New Kanada 2014

Memphis EP – New Kanada – 2013

White Mouse / Spectrum – New Kanada 2012

Vamp – New Kanada 2011

Haze – New Kanada 2011

Burn It Down / Grapple – New Kanada 2010

Searching – Cynosure 2010

The Valley (with Milosh) – New Kanada 2010

The Owls Won’t See Us EP – Simple Records 2009

Evil Jungle Prince / Ocho Echo – New Kanada 2009

Vespers EP – New Kanada 2009

North At Night EP – Cynosure 2009


Graze – Soft Gamma Repeater 3×12 LP – NK54 – 2014

Graze – Coax / Thundare – NK53 – 2014

Graze – Edges LP – NK48 – 2013

Graze – Nevermore EP – NK43 – 2013

Graze – Graze 2xEP – NK42 – 2012


Cheap and Deep – Mesa Sequences (Adam Marshall remix) – Modular Cowboy 2013

Black & Medley feat Rosina – Roll The Dice (Adam Marshall Warehouse Dub) – New Kanada 2012

West Norwood Cassette Library – Flashlight (Adam Marshall No Air Mix) – New Kanada 2011

Sei A – Who Dares Wins (Adam Marshall Stripped Dub) – Turbo 2010

Mike Shannon – The Box Is Open (Adam Marshall Remix) – Cynosure 2009

Murr feat. Rosina – Fables And Fairytales (Adam Marshall’s Into The Spirit Lands Remix) – Crosstown Rebels 2009

Sante – Supervision (Adam Marshall Black Mountain Remix) – Rekids 2008

Seth Troxler – Love Never Sleeps (Adam Marshall’s Sedition Mix) – Crosstown Rebels 2008


Adam exhibits his technical capabilities with his mix and interview on Ransom Note. Marshall’s ‘Drum Tracking’ EP on New Kanada is out now. His track ‘Bliss Roller’ was included in Basic Soul Unit’s Lab.our compilation.A remix of Murr’s “Night Flying” track will be released alongside Basic Soul Unit and John Daly on New Kanada in June.


08 Nov Chalet, Berlin
22 Sep Wilde Renate, Berlin
26 May Suicide Circus, Berlin
19 May Maeve at Funkhaus, Berlin
16 Feb Flash, DC
20 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin


10 Nov Tresor, Berlin
26 Aug K4 Garden, Szczecin
12 Aug Watergate, Berlin
29 Apr Wilden Renate, Berlin
20 Jan About Blank, Berlin


23 Dec Wilden Renate, Berlin
10 Oct Tresor, Berlin
08 Aug Tresor, Berlin
02 Jul Tall Trees festival, Vancouver Island
01 Jul Open Studios, Vancouver
18 Jun Bambi’s, Toronto
21 May Suicide Circus, Berlin
09 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin


04 Jul Tresor, Berlin
09 May Arena, Berlin
02 May B90, Gdańsk
25 Apr Le Salon Daomé, Montreal
14 Mar TBA, Toronto
13 Mar TBA, Montreal
04 Feb Moog, Barcelona