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Drumpoet Community | Based in Zurich Switzerland

Alex Dallas BW

After buying many Soul, Funk, Jazz and Abstract Hip-Hop Records for years, Alex started dj-ing in 1994, two years later their project Natural High Prod. was a driving force in Zurich’s music and club scene. They also released a single on German label Compost in ’97. In 1998 Alex started the label Straight Ahead Recordings and produced together with Alex Gustafson forward thinking broken-beat inspired dance music as Earthbound. Straight Ahead became one of the most respected labels of the evolving and eclectic scene of that time. As a truly dedicated DJ, he was always pushing boundaries for the music he loved. Travelling the world was truly inspiring for him and resulted in colorful rich sets which were aiming to get people grooving but most of all giving them a good time and showing new forms of music. He gained himself a good reputation and was constantly invited to play for people like Gilles Peterson or Jazzanova as well as festivals such as the Sonar in Barcelona to name just a few. In 2002 Straight Ahead Recordings closed and Alex found himself in a new role as member/co-owner of the now legendary Dachkanine club. A wild place on the roof of a closed milkmanufactory in Z?rich. A place where people like Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos were playing regularly at that time. This club had no end and it only can be described as a special and wonderful club, were time didn’t mattered.

In 2006 the DK closed and Alex started the Zukunft Club in Zurich. A small intimate place with a line-up which is starring people like Moodymann, Dixon or DJ Harvey to name just a few. The desire to start a new label became irresistible for him in 2007 and he found in the like-minded Ron Shiller and Tobi Foster the right friends to start the Drumpoet Community. With a couple of tunes which were Chicago- and Detroit-tingled with a touch of futurism and slowed down discofunk grooves, DPC was part of a new scene who was just about slowing things down on the dancefloor. The first releases were pretty different to a lot of the stuff which was usual at that time and helped the label to establish itself. The Drumpoet Community is a growing unit of like-minded individuals all over the world. In the meantime Alex started another club called Cabaret for 4 years from 2009-2013. On the production side Alex was never super-busy on releasing music, there’s a couple of 12″es, remixes for people like Joakim, Soulphiction and Underwolves to name just a few and some exclusive tunes for Compilations out under names such as The Lost Men and the above mentioned. At the first place Alex still sees himself as a DJ, always on the run to find the perfect groove with honest and futuristic blueprints! To cut it short we can use the words of a Swiss journalist who described Alex like this: “A man with a super big heart for good music!”


Alex Dallas – V.A. – Drumpoems 2 (Drumpoet Community)

The Lost Men – Pace of Mind (Drumpoet Community)

Alex Dallas w/Jazzanova – V.A. – Secret Love 4 (Sonar Kollektiv)

The Lost Men – The Return (Drumpoet Community)

Soulphiction – Ghana Wadada (The Lost Men Rmx) (Sonar Kollektiv)

Dallas & Gustafson – Giants in the House EP (Straight Ahead Recordings)

Earthbound – Sometimes EP (Straight Ahead Recordings)

Yello – Toaster Compilation (Earthbound Remix) (Coffee)

Alex Dallas – V.A. – Rundfunk Vol. 1 (Universal)

Earthbound – Reggie’s Escape Remixes (Straight Ahead Recordings)

Earthbound – Reggie’ s Escape EP (Straight Ahead Recordings)

Natural High Productions – Timebomb EP (Compost Records)


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22 Sep Zukunft, Zurich
06 Sep Zukunft, Zurich
16 Aug Zukunft, Zurich
11 Aug Supermarket, Zurich
15 Jul Hiltl Dachterrasse, Zurich
14 Jul Zukunft, Zurich
29 Jun Love International, Tinso
02 Jun Zukunft, Zurich
01 Jun Zukunft, Zurich
18 May Wilde Renate, Berlin
04 May Zukunft, Zurich
14 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
29 Mar Zukunft, Zurich
16 Mar Kaiku, Helsinki
25 Jan Zukunft, Zurich
20 Jan Foklor, Laussane
12 Jan Zukunft, Zurich
06 Jan Nitsa, Barcelona

15 Dec Zukunft, Zurich
07 Dec Zukunft, Zurich
02 Dec Supermarket, Zurich
01 Dec Blitz, Munich
26 Nov Kapitel, Bern
24 Nov Hive, Zurich
19 Nov Zukunft, Zurich
27 Oct Kapitel, Bern
07 Oct Zukunft, Zurich
29 Sep Supermarket, Zurich
28 Sep Zukunft, Zurich
31 Aug Zukunft, Zurich
25 Aug Badaboum, Paris
19 Aug Zukunft, Zurich
15 Jul Zukunft, Zurich
28 Jun Love International Festival at ​The Garden Tisno, Croatia
23 Jun Zukunft, Zurich
16 Jun Nordstern, Basel
03 Jun Hive, Zurich
01 Jun The Block, Tel Aviv
13 May Zukunft, Zurich
06 May Kauz, Zurich
22 Apr Kauz, Zurich
20 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
06 Apr Hive, Zurich
01 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
14 Jan Frieda’s Büxe, Zurich
13 Jan Folklor, Lausanne


31 Dec Zukunft, Zürich
30 Dec Elysia, Basel
16 Dec Kauz, Zürich
10 Dec Polaris Festival at Le Farinet, Verbier
01 Dec Zukunft, Zürich
19 Nov Zukunft, Zürich
15 Oct Kaufleuten, Zürich
08 Oct Zukunft, Zurich
07 Oct Hinterhof, Basel
23 Jul Cesarhof Festival, France
16 Jul Gurten Festival, Zurich
13 Jul Jazz Festival, Montreux
08 Jul Badaboum, Paris
25 Jun Zkunnft, Zurich
03 Jun Zkunnft, Zurich
28 May Zukunft, Zurich
21 May Corsica Studios, London
20 May Private Party, London
29 Apr Bernhard Theater, Zurich
22 Apr Lexy, Zurich
01 Apr Kowalski, Stuttgart
27 Feb Zukunft, Zurich
19 Feb Hidden, Solothurn
06 Feb Suicide Circus, Berlin
16 Jan Zukunft, Zurich
15 Jan Kauz, Zurich
08 Jan Kater Blau, Berlin

19 Dec Zukunft, Zurich
12 Dec Zukunft, Zurich
11 Dec Gonzo, Zurich
28 Nov Zukunft, Zurich
27 Nov Albani Music Club , Winterthur
17 Oct Kater Blau, Berlin
11 Sep Zukunft, Zurich
05 Sep Kaufleuten Terrasse, Zurich
04 Sep Kauz, Zurich
27 Aug Zukunft, Zurich
22 Aug Robert Johnson, Offenbach
21 Aug Club Bellevue, Zurich
15 Aug Zukunft, Zurich
11 Jul Infected Music Boat, Neuchâtel
29 May KAUZ, Zurich
25 May Elektronische Wiese, Essen
23 May Zukunft, Zurich
22 May Muffatwerk, Munich
16 May The Cat & The Dog, Tel-Aviv
07 May Zukunft, Zurich
26 Apr Output, New York
18 Apr Supermarket, Zurich
11 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
30 Jan Prince Charles, Berlin
22 Jan Propaganda, Moscow
17 Jan Hive, Zurich
10 Jan Kauz, Zurich


20 Dec Schloss Sihberg, Zurich
19 Dec Club Bellevue, Zurich
18 Dec Zukunft, Zurich
13 Dec Zukunft, Zurich
31 Oct Zukunft, Zurich
04 Oct Chalet, Berlin
19 Sep Zukunft, Zurich
05 Sep Zukunft, Zurich
04 Sep Farbfernseher, Berlin
28 Aug Zukunft, Zurich
02 Aug Street-Parade, Block Party + Zukunft, Zurich
28 Jun Kapital, Bern
14 Jun Kauz, Zurich
06 Jun Cafe Gold, Zurich
28 May Zukunft, Zurich
17 May Zukunft, Zurich
25 Apr Kauz, Zurich
18 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
11 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
27 Mar Worldwide Festival, Leysin
15 Mar Zukunft, Zurich
15 Feb Zukunft, Zurich
07 Feb Kauz, Zurich
31 Jan Zukunft, Zurich
11 Jan Kauz, Zurich
04 Jan La Ruche, Lausanne