Anthony Georges Patrice
Lossless | Based in Berlin Germany

“He who defines himself, can’t know who he really is” – Lao Tzu.

Adrift as the waves of the Mediterranean sea
Gathering tunnel for a variety
Paragraph in a life long story

Aimless as a smile, on a baby’s face
Grounded, as a tree standing up on a hill

Adventurous sometimes
Guided internally
Passionate but rational

Accessory, additional, but necessary

Always seeking
Grasping the present, but clinging to the past

Growing free
Prepared for the worst, waiting for the best

Almost started, never finished
Governed by nothing
Particular but not special

“He who knows doesn’t talk
He who talks doesn’t know”

Therefore still searching.


Aylanmasdan – Nujan EP – Lossless – 2017

Freedom Avenue – Freedom Avenue EP – Azzur – 2017

Iris – La Parenthèse House – Play Label – 2016

Selected Remixes:
Tantsui – Planet Of The Apes (Anthony Georges Patrice Remix) — Kindisch – 2017

Gabe – Hierbas (Anthony Georges Patrice Remix) – Get Physical – 2017


Coming Soon


21 Oct AMIFF, Harstad
12 Oct Badaboum, Paris
28 May Crack Bellmer, Berlin
14 Jul Somewhere In The Distance, Secret Location
01 May Tanz Auf Der Spree, Berlin
15 Mar Lossless x Chalet, Berlin

23 Dec Lossless x Batofar, Paris
20 Oct Anthony Georges Patrice at Crack Bellmer, Berlin
12 Oct Lossless X Muting The Noise at Muting The Noise, Berlin
21 Apr Crack Bellmer, Berlin
26 Jan Lossless x Muting The Noise at Muting The Noise, Berlin