Maeve | Based in Berlin Germany


The name Baikal comes from the words ‘Bai Kyul’, which translates as ‘rich lake’. Lake Baikal is the most voluminous freshwater lake in the world, containing roughly 20% of the world’s unfrozen surface fresh water, and at 1,642m, the deepest. It is also among the clearest of all lakes, and thought to be the world’s oldest at 25 million years.

Baikal resides in Berlin and makes multi-layered electronic music for the heart, mind and feet. Preferably all at the same time and on his imprint Maeve, a joint venture with Mano Le Tough and The Drifter.

Baikal’s existence lies in the idea that the music itself, the abstract experience and the emotions it provokes should tell enough of a story to entertain you as the listener, and that the persona behind the artist is of lesser importance.


Pelican’s Flight EP – Maeve

Just You And Me EP – Maeve

Vaal – Wander to Hell (Baikal Remix) – Afterlife

Thor – Yellow Sky Over Reykjavik (Baikal Remix) – Connaisseur Recordings

Ian Pooley – Compurhythm (Baikal Remix) – Innervisions

Isolee – Dennis (Baikal Remix) – Tamed Musiq

M.A.N.D.Y. vs Lopazz ft Nick Maurer – Feel it in your brain (Baikal Remix) – Cityfox

Hunter Game Ft. Bajka – The Island (Baikal Remix) – Last Night On Earth


After a busy summer, fueled by the success of his Pelican’s Flight EP of last may, Baikal is now in the process of working on two different projects for Maeve, the label he co-founded alongside Mano Le Tough and The Drifter – both of which will see the light of day in the first half of 2017. Besides that he has just finished a remix for the artist Vaal on the label Afterlife which is released end October.


08 Dec Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
01 Dec Cityfox, New York
30 Nov Flyod, Miami
16 Nov VOLT, Milan
09 Nov Culture Box, Copenhagen
03 Nov Maeve at Blitz, Munich
22 Sep Maeve at E1, London
15 Sep Kater Blau, Berlin
11 Aug Watergate, Berlin
28 Jul Berghain Kantine, Berlin
27 Jul Summer Set Reincarnation, Tbilisi
21 Jul Silver & Smoke, Sarajevo
15 Jul Woodstock, Bloemendaal
14 Jul Somewhere In The Distance, Secret Location
13 Jul Wildeburg, Kraggenburg
24 Jun Maeve at Body & Soul, Co. Westmeath
16 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
15 Jun Le Petit Salon, Lyon
02 Jun Fiction Boat, NYC
19 May Maeve at Funkhaus, Berlin
30 Apr Traumkultur, Berlin
28 Apr The Egg, London
26 Apr Doornroosje, Nijmegen
13 Apr The Block, Tel Aviv
30 Mar Bessonitsa, Moscow
23 Feb Wilden Renate, Berlin
17 Feb Nitsa, Barcelona
10 Feb Open Studios, Vancouver
09 Feb Public Works, San Francisco
02 Feb Chalet, Berlin
20 Jan About Blank, Berlin
13 Jan Shelter, Amsterdam


25 Dec Bayside Sports Complex, Gibraltar
23 Dec Folklor, Lausanne
09 Dec Club Room, Santiago
08 Dec D-Edge, São Paulo
07 Dec Axis Festival, Cali
02 Dec Cityfox, NYC
01 Dec Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
18 Nov Future Theory, Mumbai
17 Nov Kitty Ko, New Delhi
11 Nov Uberhaus, Beirut
10 Nov Blue Marlin, Dubai
05 Nov Elevator, Shanghai
04 Nov Loopy, Hangzhou
03 Nov Dada, Beijing
28 Oct Elysium Terrace, Kuala Lumpur
27 Oct Kilo Lounge, Singapore
22 Oct Maeve at Thuishaven, Amsterdam
20 Oct Het Sieraad, Amsterdam
13 Oct Chalet, Berlin
04 Oct Gare, Porto
30 Sep Volt, Milan
29 Sep Away at About Blank, Berlin
21 Sep Le Carpe Diem, Gammarth
16 Sep Maeve at Blitz, Munich
01 Sep Krankenhaus x VillaPace, Sint Niklaas
31 Aug Maeve at The Block, Tel Aviv
26 Aug Ruigoord, Amsterdam
25 Aug Summer Ribbon, Terracina
19 Aug Farrago Festival, Pfaffenhofen (Kastl)
17 Aug Afterlife, Ibiza
12 Aug Sisyphos, Berlin
28 Jul Maeve at Gem Fest, Anaklia
21 Jul Maeve at La Clairière, Paris
15 Jul Somewhere In The Distance, Secret Location
09 Jul Ruigoord, Amsterdam
08 Jul Maeve at Naturel Beachclub, Scheveningen
07 Jul Maeve at Kafes, Istanbul
01 Jul OSTROV Festival, Kiev
25 Jun Maeve at Body & Soul, Co. Westmeath
24 Jun Cityfox, Zurich
17 Jun Maeve at Nitsa, Barcelona
03 Jun La Condition Publique, Roubaix
02 Jun Panorama Bar, Berlin
20 May Wah Wah Club, Dublin
19 May Batofar, Paris
05 May Gewölbe, Cologne
29 Apr Sensual Culture at Mahag, Munich
28 Apr Wilden Renate, Berlin
22 Apr White Noise, Stuttgart
21 Apr Filia at Kassablanca, Jena
15 Apr Thuishaven, Amsterdam
14 Apr Club 21, Leeuwarden
07 Apr IFZ, Leipzig
01 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
25 Mar Maeve at Village Underground, London
11 Mar SoHaSo x Fiction, Brooklyn
10 Mar Flash, DC
09 Mar Treehouse, Miami
08 Mar Couture, Los Angeles
04 Mar Robert Johnson, Offenbach
25 Feb Maeve x Ugs Pro, Belgrade
18 Feb Volt, Milan
17 Feb Warehouse Elementenstraat, Amsterdam
10 Feb D! Club, Lausanne
28 Jan Sweat Lodge x Village Underground, London
27 Jan Input, Barcelona
20 Jan Sweat Lodge x About Blank, Berlin
16 Jan Papaya Playa Project, TBA
14 Jan Maeve at Sacbe, Playa del Carmen


31 Dec Paradigm, Groningen
23 Dec Wilden Renate, Berlin
10 Dec Mdrnty at Schatzalp Hotel, Davos
09 Dec Lux, Lisbon
03 Dec Jenja, Bali
02 Dec Kilo Lounge, Singapore
01 Dec Jenja, Jakarta
25 Nov Faust, Seoul
19 Nov TBA, Amsterdam
12 Nov Jesi, Noir
11 Nov Sweat Lodge x Gewolbe, Cologne
05 Nov Maeve for Calypso, Gammarth
28 Oct Cult, Vilnius
23 Oct Maeve ADE at De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
22 Oct Goethebunker, Essen
15 Oct Indigo, Istanbul
30 Sep Maeve @ La Belle Electrique, Grenoble
24 Sep Members Only, New York
23 Sep Spy Bar, Chicago
17 Sep Monarch, San Fransisco
16 Sep Dialogue, Los Angeles
10 Sep Club 102, Düsseldorf
09 Sep Into the Woods, Amersfoort
02 Sep Maeve @ La Clairière, Paris
27 Aug Sweat Lodge @ Zukunft, Zurich
25 Aug Lux, Lisbon
20 Aug Nowa Jerozolima, Warsaw
14 Aug Sweat Lodge @ Glazart, Paris
13 Aug Mons Calpe Suite, Gibraltar
11 Aug Maeve @ Gem Festival, Georgia
06 Aug Øuerschnitt Festival, Pfaffenhofen bei Kastl
04 Aug Space, Ibiza
30 Jul Maeve @ Mondo, Madrid
27 Jul Tresor, Berlin
23 Jul Welcome to the Future, Het Twiske
02 Jul Cabin & Sky Open Air, Eilsleben
24 Jun Chalet, Berlin
23 Jun The Block, Tel Aviv
11 Jun Edit Festival, Haarlem
10 Jun Maeve @ MeetFactory, Prague
03 Jun Iris Beach, Beirut
02 Jun Tempus, Leeds
01 Jun Sopavillonen, Copenhagen
22 May Maeve @ Yoyo Palais de Tokyo, Paris
21 May Watergate, Berlin
14 May Maeve @ D-Edge Open Air, São Paulo
14 May Maeve @ Warung, Itajai
08 May Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
07 May Hardpop, Juarez
06 May Americana, Mexico City
05 May Teatro Amador, Panama
30 Apr Maeve @ Hangar, Marina di Pietrasanta
29 Apr Maeve @ D! Club, Lausanne
02 Apr Ritter Butzke, Berlin
27 Mar Maeve @ DGTL Festival, Amsterdam
26 Mar Maeve @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
25 Mar Maeve @ Village Underground, London
24 Mar Maeve @ Nitsa, Barcelona
19 Mar Cirq, Venice
11 Mar Kater Blau, Berlin
05 Mar Uberhaus, Beirut
25 Feb Tropical Animals, Florence
20 Feb Hive, Zurich
13 Feb Soenda Festival, Utrecht
30 Jan Sweat Lodge @ About Blank, Berlin
29 Jan Sweat Lodge @ Village Underground, London
23 Jan Maeve @ Pearl Beach Club, Dominican Republic
18 Jan Maeve @ Papaya Play Project, Tulum
15 Jan Life & Death @ The Jungle, Playa del Carmen
12 Jan Maeve @ Canibal Royal, Playa del Carmen
05 Jan Mob, Palermo
01 Jan De Marktkantine, Amsterdam


31 Dec Fabrique, Milan
12 Dec Zukunft, Zurich
27 Nov PIXI, Athens
21 Nov Panorama Bar, Berlin
15 Nov Welcome to the Future, Amsterdam
07 Nov Gloss, Milan
24 Oct Maeve @ Indigo, Istanbul
18 Oct Maeve @ ADE, Amsterdam
16 Oct Maeve @ TBA, Tbilisi
11 Oct City Fox, Zurich
03 Oct Maeve @ Nordstern, Basel
25 Sep Maeve @ Sub Club, Glasgow
06 Sep Oostkaap at Cruquiusgilde, Amsterdam
02 Sep About Blank, Berlin
22 Aug Maeve @ Kyo, Singapore
21 Aug Jenja, Bali
14 Aug Bootleg, Tel Aviv
08 Aug Maeve @ TBA, Dublin
01 Aug People In The City @ Esplanade du Flon, Lausanne
18 Jul Maeve @ Warung, Itajai
17 Jul Maeve @ D-EDGE, São Paulo
02 Jul Watergate, Berlin
26 Jun Maeve @ Electric, Paris
25 Jun Maeve @ Mondo, Madrid
17 Jun Maeve Rave Sonar at TBA, Barcelona
05 Jun Rush Club, Turin
04 Jun EOS Festival, Erding
29 May The International, Luxembourg
16 May RepubliK @ Crystal, Waterford
15 May Opium Rooms, Dublin
01 May Maeve @ Eden Beach Club, Dubai
18 Apr Brebl, Nijmegen
11 Apr Wake Up Call, Istanbul
06 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
28 Mar Radion, Amsterdam
27 Mar Tunnel, Milan
21 Mar BabyBoa, Geneva
20 Mar Heinz Gaul, Cologne
07 Mar Maeve @ Perron, Rotterdam
28 Feb Chateau, Amsterdam
27 Feb Oval, London
14 Feb Ritter Butzke, Berlin
13 Feb The Welly Club, Hull
07 Feb Studio Martin, Bucharest
06 Feb Gate Clubbing, Macerata
30 Jan Tonhalle, Zurich
19 Jan Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
12 Jan Meave BPM @ Fusion Beach, Playa del Carmen


28 Dec Trouw, Amsterdam
19 Dec Maeve @ Panorama Bar, Berlin
12 Dec Hive, Zurich
06 Dec Raum 38, Monchengladbach
05 Dec Opkikker at EKKO, Utrecht
29 Nov Demode, Bari
22 Nov Aus Berlin Festival, Tilburg
15 Nov Revolution, Gernika
14 Nov Das Local, Wroclaw
07 Nov Nordstern, Basel
01 Nov Villa Nova, Hamburg
31 Oct Watergate, Berlin
25 Oct De Warande, Turnhout
24 Oct Maeve @ Le Faust, Paris
18 Oct M2S @ Studio Saglio, Strasbourg
16 Oct Duplex, Tel Aviv
04 Oct Corsica Studios, London
27 Sep Maeve @ Opium Rooms, Dublin
19 Sep Boom Boom Room, Kiev
13 Sep Stattbad, Berlin
16 Aug MMA, Munich
02 Aug Panorama Bar, Berlin
31 Jul HYTE at L’Atlantida, Barcelona
26 Jul Shelter Social Club, Avignon
20 Jul Lost In A Moment, Amsterdam
19 Jul Welcome to The Village, Leeuwarden
12 Jul Maeve @ Republik, Waterford
05 Jul Boat Party, Lille (day)
05 Jul Maeve @ Oval Space, London (night)
28 Jun Expedition, Rotterdam
27 Jun Maeve @ Trouw, Amsterdam
26 Jun Maeve @ Space, Ibiza
13 Jun Don’t Sit on the Furniture, Miami
11 Jun Maeve @ El Monasterio, Barcelona
08 Jun Zukunft, Zurich
07 Jun Maeve @ Hinterhof Bar, Basel
05 Jun Maeve @ The Block, Tel Aviv
01 Jun Aaniwalli, Helsinki
30 May Ritterbuzke, Berlin
25 May Whoosah, Scheveningen
17 May Goethebunker, Essen
09 May La Ruche, Lausanne
02 May Bayou at Box Club, Erfurt
30 Apr [mie] @ Nuspirit Club, Bratislava
20 Apr DGTL Festival, Amsterdam
19 Apr 013, Tilburg
05 Apr The Roadhouse Club, Manchester
04 Apr Egg, London
28 Mar EGO, Hamburg
22 Mar Terminal, Lyon
21 Mar La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris
08 Mar Schaf Club, Augsburg
07 Mar Factory, Milan
01 Mar Decadance, Ghent
14 Feb Hive, Zurich
08 Feb Beatclub, Amsterdam
17 Jan Demode Disco Club, Bari
11 Jan Panorama Bar, Berlin
10 Jan Silencio, Geneva