Arcing Seas | Infrastructure NY | Based in Berlin, Germany

In techno circles, Cassegrain shouldn’t need too much of an introduction. With a label résumé that includes, among others, Prologue, Infrastructure New York, Killekill, and Ostgut Ton — as well as highly regarded performances at Berghain, Village Underground, and Output — they’ve more than stamped their name on the scene. Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evirgen — the two artists behind Cassegrain — formed the project after a chance meeting at the Redbull Music Academy in Barcelona. In the years following, they collaborated remotely via email, sending stems back and forth before making a move to Berlin where they currently share a studio.

Back in May 2016, the duo folded a former secret alias and launched it as a label under the same name, Arcing Seas. The first release was ARCS-01, an intense and varied three-tracker of warped beauty. A second release will be out in a few months, followed by a third shortly after—a testament to the duo’s relentless work ethic.

Although Tsiridis and Evirgen obviously have an affinity for collaboration—the pair also work alongside Tin Man, a relationship that has delivered a handful of EPs and standout live shows—they are also now stepping out as solo artists. Evirgren’s first record as Magna Pia was released via Counterchange at the beginning of September, and in a couple of weeks, Tsiridis will release as Rhyw on Rotterdam’s Tar Hallow.
(by Luke Cheadle, XLR8R)



Cassegrain – ARCS-04 – Arcing Seas

Cassegrain Remixed (The Mover, Peder Mannerfelt, Shifted) – ARCS-03 – Arcing Seas


Cassegrain – kor & Katran ‎– Konstrukt

Cassegrain – ARCS-02 – Arcing Seas

Cassegrain – ARCS-01 – Arcing Seas


Korridor – Dyson Sphere (Cassegrain Swarm version), 12” vinyl & digital, Hypnus Records (HYPNUSZODIAC)

Korridor – Dyson Sphere (Cassegrain Stellar version), 12” vinyl & digital, Hypnus Records (HYPNUSZODIAC)

Jeff Derringer – Ballorama (Cassegrain Dub), 12” vinyl, L.A.G. (LAG004)


Centres Of Distraction, 3×12” vinyl & digital, Prologue (PRGLP007)

Blood Distributed as Pure Colour, 12” vinyl & digital, Prologue (PRG036)

Tiamat Remixes (Inland, TM404, Mike Parker, Svreca), 12” vinyl & digital, Prologue (PRG035)

Co-ops Vol. 1, “Nam-Shub”, 12” vinyl, Counterchange (COUNTER004)

Tiga – Dance Action: “Sex Kit” with Tin Man (from Killekill 015), CD, MIxmag (MIXMAG 10/14)

Advanced Human – Grinding (Cassegrain remix), 12” vinyl & digital, Dynamic Reflection (DREF020)

Federico Albanese – Carousel #3 (Rework by Cassegrain), 12” vinyl, Denovali Records (den208)

Mike Parker – Lustration Three (Cassegrain remix), 12” vinyl & digital, Prologue (PRG037)

Damaskin – Kaona II (Cassegrain remix), 12” vinyl, Concrete Records (CLTD-003)

Edit Select – Asperity (Cassegrain remix), 12” vinyl, Selected Edits (SELECTEDEDITS 04)


High & Low EP (with Tin Man), 12” vinyl & digital, Killekill (KILLEKILL015)

Tiamat, 2×12” vinyl & digital, Prologue (PRG030)

Krake 001, “Serpent”, vinyl, CD, digital, Krake (KRAKE001LP / KRAKE001CD)

DJ Nobu ‎– Crustal Movement Volume 01 – Dream Into Dream: “Skin” (from Coptic EP Prologue PRG025) CD, Tearbridge Records

Charlton – The Road to Emptiness (Cassegrain remix), 12” vinyl & digital, Mord (MORD002)

Alexander Kowalski – Dircksen (Cassegrain remix), 12” vinyl & digital, SCR Dark Series (SCR-D 001)


Carnal EP (with Tin Man), 12” vinyl & digital, Killekill (KILLEKILL008)

Plate EP, 12” vinyl & digital, Modal Analysis (MA01)

Painter – Palette EP, 12” vinyl & digital, M_Rec Ltd (M_REC LTD 11)

Coptic EP, 12” vinyl & digital, Prologue (PRG025)

Nonnative 04, “Sennit”, 12” vinyl, Semantica (SEMANTICA NNN 03)

Killekill Megahits compilation, “Athletic” with Tin Man, 3×12” vinyl, Killekill (KILLEKILL010)

Minuszwei – N1 (Cassegrain remix), 12” vinyl & digital, Wall Music LTD (WMLTD003)


Mikrowave 5 years, part 3 (Sigha, Giorgio Gigli remixes), digital, Mikrowave (MWAVE14)

Dropa EP, 12” vinyl & digital, Prologue (PRG021)


Cotton EP, 12” vinyl & digital, incl. Perc remix, Mikrowave (MWAVE13)


Cassegrain have several remixes surfacing right now. For Oscar Mulero on his legendary Warm Up label listen, for Głós on Ressort Imprint listen, and for Jamaica Suk on Gradient listen. An original track on Bassiani’s next V.A. record is expected by end of year listen. Furthermore, Cassegrain will continue releasing on their Arcing Seas label, as well as EPs on another legendary techno label to be announced soon.

Magna Pia
After premiering his live set at Dystopian’s Berlin event, Magna Pia just released his new EP on Arcing Seas, following last year’s debut release on Counterchange.


Following his latest EP on Avian, Rhyw has December shows in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Berghain. Upcoming releases on Fever AM, Arcing Seas, Tar Hallow, Avian and another label to be announced soon.


11 Aug Kafes, Instanbul
14 Jul Live at Berghain, Berlin
13 Jul Live at Kaskada Festival, Poznan
08 Jun Live w/ Tin Man for KilleKill, Berlin
11 May Rhyw at Tar Hallow Night, Rotterdam
28 Apr Floor, Istanbul
23 Apr Magic Break, Antalya
07 Apr Magna Pia at Sonar, Istanbul
06 Apr Live at Jasna 1, Warsaw
04 Apr Rhyw at ALL, Shanghai
31 Mar Rhyw at Eixt, Chengdo
30 Mar Magna Pia at Mensch Meier, Berlin
30 Mar Rhyw at Oil, Shenzen
24 Mar Live Corsica Studios, London
09 Mar Rhyw for Π31 at About Blank, Berlin
24 Feb Live at Der Morgen, Budapest
16 Feb Drop, Mumbai
14 Feb Magna Pia at Vurt, Seoul
10 Feb Live for for Darkroom, Something Else,Charades Live at Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
09 Feb Live for Stranger at My Aeon, Melbourne
03 Feb Rhyw at Faust, Seoul
02 Feb Loopy, Hangzhou
27 Jan Live at K4, Szczecin
20 Jan About Blank, Berlin


31 Dec/Jan 01 Wilden Renate, Berlin
29 Dec Live at Unten, Linz
28 Dec Container, Paris
24 Dec About Blank, Berlin
22 Dec TBA, Tel Aviv
20 Dec Magna Pia at Mama, Istanbul
16 Dec Rhyw at Berghain, Berlin
08 Dec Rhyw at Aphotic, New York
02 Dec Magna Pia at About Blank, Berlin
02 Dec Rhyw at Nothing But Techno, Dallas
01 Dec Rhyw at Into The Woods, Los Angeles
25 Nov TRAUM, Osijek
17 Nov Magna Pia at Wilden Renate, Berlin
11 Nov BLITZ, Munich
30 Oct Magna Pia Live for Dystopian at Arena, Berlin
28 Oct Griessmuehle, Berlin
21 Oct Live w/Tin Man at Smolna, Warsaw
29 Sep Bassiani, Tbilisi
23 Sep Counterchange at Nitsa, Barcelona
16 Sep Rhyw at Reworks, Thessaloniki
10 Sep Berghain, Berlin
09 Sep Live at Rhythm Büro, Kiev
02 Sep Motel Campo, Geneva
11 Aug Magna Pia at Suicide Circus, Berlin
05 Aug Live w/Tin Man at Concrete, Paris
04 Aug Live at Garbicz Festival, Garbicz
30 Jul Rhyw at Krake Festival, Berlin
27 Jul Live w/Tin Man at Afterlife, Ibiza
22 Jul Live w/Tin Man at Gem Fest, Ankalia
21 Jul The Gate, Batumi
07 Jul Rhyw at Good Room, New York
01 Jul Sunnyvale, Brooklyn
24 Jun Live & DJ for Nothing But Techno at The Express, Dallas
23 Jun Live for Surface Tension at F8, San Francisco
16 Jun Live at Griessmuhle, Berlin
06 Jun Rhyw at About Blank, Berlin
27 May 9/11, Tallin
26 May UNDER Festival, Riga
19 May Particules at Machine Club, Lyon
12 May Village Underground, London
22 Apr Arcing Seas at Tresor, Berlin
08 Apr Loopy, Hangzhou
07 Apr Headquarters, Singapore
01 Apr Vent, Tokyo
31 Mar Live at Vurt, Seoul
24 Mar w/Tin Man Live @ Villa Rouge, Lattes
17 Mar Live at Six Dogs, Athens
18 Feb Live at IFZ, Leipzig
11 Feb Live at Serendipity, Foligno
10 Feb Live at Hooked On, Vilnius
03 Feb Live at Le Vauban, Brest
28 Jan Staub, Berlin
13 Jan w/Tin Man Live at Warehouse Alternative, Paris


09 Dec w/Tin Man LIVE @ MeetFactory, Prague
03 Dec LivE @ MS Treue, Bremen
26 Nov Live @ Ex Dogana Lab, Rome
12 Nov DJ @ Tresor, Berlin
04 Nov w/Tin Man LIVE @ Union, Los Angeles
14 Oct Live @ Symthetic, Thessaloniki
07 Oct Live @ Pulse Msc @ 1988 Live Club, Rennes
24 Sep w/Tin Man LIVE @ Village Underground, London
16 Sep LIVE @ ESCH @ Griessmuhle, Berlin
10 Sep Live & DJ @ Output, New York
03 Sep w/Tin Man LIVE @ Killekill Showcase, Paris
01 Sep w/Tin Man LIVE @ Space, Ibiza
20 Aug LIVE @ Afro Banana Republic Festival, Cyprus
23 Jul LIVE @ Bassiani, Tbilisi
10 Jul EXIT Festival, Serbia
18 Jun DJ @ Berghain, Berlin
11 Jun w/Tin Man LIVE & Dj @ Contact, Tokyo
10 Jun LIVE @ Vurt, Seoul
08 Jun w/Tin Man LIVE @ Dommune, Tokyo
04 Jun LIVE @ TBA Warehouse, Dallas
02 Jun LIVE @ F8, San Francisco
29 May LIVE @ Movement After Party, Detroit
27 May LIVE @ Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, USA
21 May LIVE @ Nocturnal, Denver, USA
20 May LIVE @ Aphotic, New York, USA
14 May DJ @ Container @ Trabendo, Paris
04 May LIVE @ Music From Exo-Planet Label Night, Nimes
15 Apr LIVE w/Tin Man @ Nitsa, Barcelona
09 Apr DJ @ Goethebunker, Essen
02 Apr LIVE w/Tin Man @ Transport, Rotterdam
17 Mar LIVE @ The Block, Tel Aviv
05 Mar DJ @ Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen
19 Feb LIVE @ IPSE, Berlin
13 Feb DJ @ MMA, Munich
23 Jan DJ @ Berghain, Berlin
02 Jan DJ @ Bassiani, Tbilisi
01 Jan LIVE w/ Tin Man @ TBA, Amsterdam


05 Dec LIVE @ About Blank, Berlin
04 Dec LIVE @ Rendez-Vous Sauvage, La Rochelle
23 Oct LIVE @ Alchemy, Rome
17 Oct DJ @ M-Bia, Berlin
03 Oct LIVE @ Studio 80, Amsterdam
02 Oct LIVE @ Lux Frágil, Lisbon
27 Sep 4D LIVE @ Today’s Art Festival, The Hague
26 Sep LIVE w/ Tin Man @ Today’s Art Festival, The Hague
23 Sep LIVE @ Decibel Festival, Seattle
20 Sep LIVE @ Mount Analog at Medusa Lounge, Los Angeles
12 Sep LIVE @ IBoat, Bordeaux, France
11 Sep DJ @ Arena, Berlin
05 Sep DJ @ Input, Tbilisi
04 Sep DJ @ Corsica Studios, London
04 Sep LIVE w/ Tin Man @ Corsica Studios, London
22 Aug LIVE w/ Tin Man @ Culture Box, Copenhagen
07 Aug LIVE w/ Tin Man @ Krake Festival, Berlin
18 Jul LIVE @ Siroco, Madrid
11 Jul LIVE w/ Tin Man @ K-Town Festival, Kortrijk
20 Jun 4D LIVE @ 4D Sound, Amsterdam
24 May DJ @ Au Garden, Paris
23 May DJ @ Fuse, Bari
20 May LIVE w/ Tin Man @ Boiler Room, Berlin
16 May LIVE w/ Tin Man @ Berghain, Berlin
09 May LIVE @ Oktave at Smart Bar, Chicago
08 May LIVE @ Flash, Washington DC
03 May LIVE @ Movement Festival pre-event at Tangent Gallery, Detroit
01 May LIVE @ Motor at Kremwerk, Seattle
25 Apr LIVE @ Institut Für Zukunft, Leipzig
18 Apr DJ @ Kosmonaut, Berlin
21 Mar LIVE @ Stattbad, Berlin
14 Mar LIVE @ Grelle Forelle, Vienna
13 Feb DJ @ Romy S, Stuttgart
31 Jan LIVE @ Sound Department, Taranto
18 Jan LIVE with Tin Man @ Concrete, Paris
09 Jan LIVE @ Harry Klein, Munich


31 Dec LIVE with Tin Man (debut) @ Griessmuhle, Berlin
14 Dec LIVE @ Le Sucre, Lyon
13 Dec LIVE @ Le Baby, Marseille
29 Nov LIVE @ Projekt Lab, Poznan
21 Nov DJ @ Batofar, Paris
01 Nov LIVE @ Berghain, Berlin
17 Oct LIVE @ Sector, Cologne
03 Oct DJ @ DV1, Lyon
27 Sep LIVE @ Pravda, Moscow
13 Sep DJ @ Goethebunker, Essen
10 Sep LIVE @ Social Club, Paris
10 Aug LIVE @ Aurora Festival at Guendalina, Lecce
18 Jul LIVE @ KB18, Copenhagen
12 Jul DJ @ Tundra Festival, Lithuania
15 Jun DJ @ Praxis, Amsterdam
30 May LIVE @ Get Horse, Nantes
24 May LIVE @ Stattbad, Berlin
25 Apr April – LIVE @ La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Paris
12 Apr LIVE @ Flux, Vienna
22 Mar DJ @ Reaktor, Amsterdam
08 Mar DJ @ Golden Pudel, Hamburg
07 Mar LIVE @ Tresor, Berlin
01 Mar LIVE @ Fasma Festival, Athens
13 Feb LIVE @ GOA, Rome
10 Jan DJ @ About Blank, Berlin
01 Jan LIVE @ Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg