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Chymera New 1

Producing electronic music since 2002, Irishman Chymera first started gaining wider recognition in 2006 with his release on Mezzotinto “Midnight at the Aquarium” sitting neatly at the juxtaposition of house and techno. Since then he’s released on labels like Cocoon, Delsin, Connaisseur, NRK, Dirt Crew and Kompakt. His tracks from deeper house to tougher techno, usually with a distinct focus on melody.

His energetic and responsive live performances incorporate various controllers and hardware synths in addition to his trusty Ableton setup. He’s played on almost every continent in some of the finest clubs and festivals in the world such as Panorama Bar, Today’s Art Festival, Womb, Output, Nachtdigital, Rex Club and more.

In 2016 he released his extremely well received debut album under his ambient alias Merrin Karras: “The world of Merrin Karras is one that provides what sounds like stockpiled soundtracks for yet-to-be-realized and conceived cinematic masterpieces”.

Currently busy experimenting in the studio, 2018 will see a release on Maeve with other new EPs in the works.


Noise EP – Maeve 2018

Episode EP – Cocoon 2016

The Divided Self EP – Ovum Recordings 2016

Daso & Pawas – No Lead (Chymera Remix) 2016

Other Worlds EP – My Favorite Robot 2015

Rainbow Brite – Cocktail d’Amore 2014

Tidal/Moot Point – Ovum 2014

Under The Slip – Kompakt 2013

Disc EP – Dirt Crew 2013

Death By Misadventure LP – Connaisseur 2012

For The Lonely EP – Komplex De Deep 2011

Dreamrunner EP – Outpost 2010

Curl EP – Dirt Crew 2010

Ghosts EP – Connaisseur 2010

Pump 10″ – Cocoon 2010

Sumatra EP – Figure 2009

2 Below/Saphiron EP – NRK 2008

Ellipsis EP – Figure 2008

Caprica Burning EP – Connaisseur 2008

Wish EP – NRK 2007

Shadowdancer EP – ORK 2007

Umbrella EP – Ovum 2007

Arabesque EP – Tishomingo 2007

Hundulu EP – Delsin 2007

Midnight at the Aquarium EP – Mezzotinto – 2006


Moby – The Last Day Feat. Skylar Grey (Chymera Remix) – Little Idiot Records 2014


Chymera needs little to no introduction, producing and releasing music since 2002 on a multitude of respected imprints like Cocoon, Delsin and Kompakt, he is not only an artist we all admire but also a very dear friend. In fact it was Chymera that introduced Mano and The Drifter to Baikal back in 2010, an introduction without which Maeve may not have happened at all. So it gives us great pleasure to welcome Chymera to Maeve and finally release some of his excellent work.

Noise Tool is a pair of techno cuts, each almost breaching 10 minutes and custom fit to the dancefloor dedicated sound Maeve has become known for. The title track, “Noise Tool”, leads you into a murky world of pulsating sounds and ominous synth lines, building anticipation at clever and intriguing pace. Sparse percussion slowly reveals the hypnotic groove to the listener culminating in a burst of energy that elevates the sound to peak-time-banger status.

On the flip, “1990”, takes a different turn to that of the A side, immediately setting a no nonsense tone with a feeling that something big is going to happen. Chymera has always been known for his distinct focus on melody and 1990 really shows this as several harmonious melodies intertwine to put the listener on the front foot. While beautiful pads give the dancefloor a moment of relief it isn’t long before a deep rolling bassline returns to bring the track to new heights.


30 Dec Suicide Circus, Berlin
30 Nov Ciało, Wroclaw
22 Sep Wilde Renate, Berlin
24 Aug Suicide Circus, Berlin
08 Jun Kit Kat, Berlin
18 May Chalet, Berlin
01 Apr Kater Blau, Berlin
17 Mar St Patricks Day Festival, Berlin
20 Jan About Blank, Berlin
05 Jan Tama, Poznań


16 Nov Chalet, Berlin
11 Nov Vlak, Bogota
10 Nov D-Edge, São Paulo
22 Sep Wilden Renate, Berlin
27 Aug Connaisseur Openair, Berlin
18 Aug Output, New York
29 Jul Gem Fest, Anaklia
08 Jul Urlaub Festival, Bilzen
19 May Chalet, Berlin
23 Jun Kater Blau, Berlin
28 Apr Wilden Renate, Berlin
25 Mar Over & Out at The Tao Terraces, Bangalore
25 Feb Suicide Circus, Berlin
18 Feb Ohrwurm, Kuala Lumpur
17 Feb Kilo Lounge, Singapore
11 Feb Garito Club, Palma
30 Jan Tresor, Berlin
20 Jan Sweat Lodge x About Blank, Berlin


03 Dec Lanna Club, Gijon
02 Dec Studio 76, Madrid
22 Oct Wilden Renate, Berlin
03 Sep Monchrome, Herzliya
27 Aug Suicide Circus, Berlin
15 Aug Sage Beach, Berlin
09 Jul Schon Schon, Mainz
04 Jun Chocolate Festival, Lausanne
21 May Watergate, Berlin
12 May Café Berlín, Madrid
06 May Piaf, Antwerp
30 Apr Dampfzentrale, Bern
16 Apr Alles Los, Amsterdam
05 Apr Boudoir club, Dubai
18 Mar Tresor, Berlin
12 Mar Grenswerk, Venlo
15 Jan La Chaufferie du Moulin Rouge, Paris
04 Jan Tresor, Berlin
03 Jan Kater Blau, Berlin


12 Dec Weyde³, Berlin
28 Nov Musikbunker, Aachen
25 Nov Watergate, Berlin
21 Nov Corsica Studios, London
14 Nov Welcome to the Future at Elementenstraat, Amsterdam
17 Oct NGHTDVSN ADE at Het Sieraad, Amsterdam
16 Oct Connaisseur x La Reve Showcase at De Balie, Amsterdam
16 Oct Ovum Showcase at Westerunie, Amsterdam
15 Oct Sweat Lodge ADE at Club NL, Amsterdam
14 Oct SoHaSo x Correspondant @ Feijoa Cocktailbar, Amsterdam
10 Oct Wats, Belgrade
25 Sep La Terassa, Barcelona
05 Sep Astropolis, Brest City
08 Aug Luft & Liebe 2015 Kultur-Festival, Berlin
01 Aug Harry Klein, Munich
31 Jul Moog, Barcelona
04 Jul Trossen Los! Boot 1, Amsterdam
21 Jun Superdiesel, Antwerp
20 Jun The Arch, Brighton
19 Jun Prægewerk, Berlin
12 Jun Vitamin Cubes, Tbilisi
04 Jun EOS Festival, Erding
30 May Radion, Amsterdam
29 May Gewölbe, Cologne
23 May Terminal, Lyon
09 May Stereo, Montreal
07 May Spy Bar, Chicago
06 May Couture, Los Angeles
01 May Rex, Paris
30 Apr Arena, Berlin
18 Apr Watergate, Berlin
11 Apr Tao Terraces, Bangalore
11 Apr Goethe Institute, Bangalore (Workshop)
05 Apr Electron Festival, Geneva (Workshop)
21 Mar Ruigoord Church, Amsterdam
20 Mar The Beaverworks, Leeds
13 Mar Katerblau, Berlin
28 Feb Gloss, Milan
27 Feb Villa Nova, Hamburg
21 Feb Re:Publik, Waterford
20 Feb Opium Rooms, Dublin
17 Feb BobBeaman, Munich
07 Feb Studio Martin, Bucharest
31 Jan Artheater, Cologne (night)
31 Jan WesterUnie, Amsterdam (day)
23 Jan Village Underground, London
17 Jan Watergate, Berlin
04 Jan Panorama Bar, Berlin
03 Jan Skala, Bielefeld


31 Dec Origami, Treviso
06 Dec Chalet, Berlin
19 Oct Canvas @ ADE, Amsterdam
16 Oct Elementenstraat @ ADE, Amsterdam
04 Oct Verboten, New York
06 Sep Papaya Beach, Tulum
23 Aug Kuns Festival, Amsterdam
26 Jul Stekker Festival, Utrecht
11 Jul Bara Magnus, Gothenburg
28 Jun Sr Ming, Rosario
27 Jun Creed, Buenos Aires
14 Jun Day n Nite Fest at Penthaus, Erding
13 Jun Watergate, Berlin
11 Jun 2Ovum Sonar at Boulevard, Barcelona
07 Jun Uberhaus, Beirut
25 May Output, New York
24 May Monarch, San Fransisco
23 May Spy Bar, Chicago
17 May Soenda Festival, Utrecht
10 May myu:zik at Schlachthof, Krefeld
30 Apr Greissmuehle, Berlin
18 Apr Cabal, Toronto
17 Apr Habitat Living Sound, Calgary
04 Apr Revier Club, Zurich
28 Mar Story Roof Top Lounge, Dubai
22 Mar Schon Schon, Mainz
16 Mar Weekend, Berlin
15 Mar Next Mondays Hangover, Amsterdam
08 Mar Whippoorwill, Oviedo
07 Mar Moog, Barcelona
01 Mar Sfinks700, Sopot
31 Jan Rolling Stock, London
25 Jan Tresor, Berlin


20 Dec Panorama Bar, Berlin
14 Dec Toffler, Rotterdam
14 Nov Darwin Club, Birigui
09 Nov Klang, Rio de Janeiro
08 Nov Club 88, Campinas
07 Nov Bar Secreto, Sao Paulo
02 Nov Tresor, Berlin
01 Nov Bootleg, Tel Aviv (to be rescheduled)
26 Oct Wilden Renate, Berlin
20 Sep Habitat Living Sound, Calgary
13 Sep Ritter Butzke, Berlin
07 Sep Manoir de Martinrou, Brussels
06 Sep Disco Zwei, Mannheim
17 Aug Griessmuehle, Berlin
11 Aug Groen als Gras, Amsterdam
03 Aug Nachtdigital Festival, Cavertitz
27 Jul Somewhere in the Woods, Croatia
26 Jul Somewhere in the Woods, Croatia
22 Jul Holy Pink, Tilburg
19 Jul Prince Charles, Berlin
14 Jul Chalet, Berlin
11 Jul Cookies, Berlin
06 Jul Club Autonomica, Munich
29 Jun ARTheater, Cologne
28 Jun [mie] @ NuSpirit Club, Bratislava
19 Jun White (DJ), Ibiza
18 Jun Sankeys (LIve), Ibiza
24 May Chalet, Berlin
18 May Civic, Sydney
17 May Brown Alley, Melbourne
10 May Silbergold, Frankfurt
04 May Mongo Festival, Dublin
30 Apr Katerholzig, Berlin
14 Apr Greifmuele, Berlin
30 Mar Fiese Remise, Berlin
17 Mar Weekend, Berlin
15 Mar Loftus Hall, Berlin
09 Mar Albeniz, Gijon
08 Mar Moog, Barcelona