Ed Davenport

Counterchange | Infrastructure NY | Based in Berlin Germany


Firmly settled in his adopted home of Berlin, UK born Ed Davenport has resolutely carved out a sound of his own within the electronic music landscape. He runs his own label, Counterchange Recordings, co-runs the Infrastructure New York imprint with Function, and also releases music under his Inland guise.

The launch of the Counterchange label in 2013, and his co-management of the recently relaunched Infrastructure New York label alongside Function, both represent the constant development of Davenport as an artist concerned with doing things his own way. Driven by an acute sense for timing, and the love of ‘timeless’ music, Ed continues to hone a sound that is emotional, engaging, and expansive.

Having cut his teeth on the London scene and released a handful of well-received 12s, it was his move to Berlin in 2008 that afforded Ed the creative space to fully develop his potential. Davenport quickly landed himself regular gigs in the German capital, playing the first of many sets at Panorama Bar in September that same year. After a period of deep research and development, often being called in to play 8 hour closing sets at the famed venue, Davenport began a closer relationship with the Techno stylings of Berghain. Since the start of 2013 Ed appeared at least 6 times a year at the club, holding up a regular slot that has seen his fan-base grow hugely, both in Berlin and internationally.

In May 2014 Ed unveiled a new chapter in his artistic development, as he teamed up with Function as ‘Function/Inland’ for the first release on the newly re-launched Infrastructure label. Their ‘Odeon/Rhyl’ EP met critical acclaim and Ed now co-runs the label with the respected American techno-mainstay. The pair play regular shows together presenting their Function/Inland DJ sets and Live show. Proving to be a fruitful partnership both in the studio and behind the decks, Infrastructure is set to release ‘Infrastructure Facticity’ – a 4 x 12” compilation featuring new material from Function/Inland, and Inland solo with the track ‘Acidalia’ – release date 03.06.16. A full Inland EP is set to follow in early fall on Infrastructure.


Ed Davenport / Silver Walks / Maeve

Ed Davenport / Counter005 / Counterchange

Function/Inland / Odeon/Rhyl / Infrastructure New York

Ed Davenport / Bloodchild / Mosaic Split

Ed Davenport presents: Inland / Solstice EP / Counterchange

Ed Davenport / Counterchange LP / NRK


Ed’s ‘Silver Walks’ EP (Maeve08) was released on Mano Le Tough, Baikal and The Drifter’s Maeve label in march, receiving support from the likes of Dixon, DJ Tennis and Axel Boman amongst many others.

More music is in the pipeline including releases and remixes under Ed’s respected Inland alias. Inland – ‘Footstone / Sinker’ EP (COUNTER006) was just released on Ed’s own Counterchange imprint and new tracks are about to drop on Infrastructure as part of ‘Facticity’, the label’s 4 x12” compilation due out in June.


25 May TBA, TBA
12 May The Block at Village Underground, London
21 Apr Wilden Renate, Berlin
14 Apr Synoid @ Griessmühle, Berlin
12 Apr TBA, TBA
25 Mar Maeve x Village Underground, London
24 Mar Haus33, Nürnberg
18 Mar Tresor, Berlin
11 Mar Vurt, Seoul
10 Mar Korner, Taipai
04 Feb Fabric, London
28 Jan Sweat Lodge x Village Underground, London
21 Jan Romy S, Stuttgart
07 Jan Panorama Bar, Berlin


25 Nov The Block, Tel Aviv
18 Nov Berghain, Berlin
29 Oct Studio 76, Madrid
21 Oct Just This ADE, Amsterdam
20 Oct Arena, Berlin
15 Oct Tivoli, Dublin
05 Oct Boiler Room, Berlin
01 Oct Volt, Milan
24 Sep Counterchange at Village Underground, London
18 Sep Berghain, Berlin
17 Sep Goethebunker, Essen
15 Sep Sweat Lodge x The Block, Tel Aviv
13 Sep Bolier Room, Berlin
03 Sep Kyo, Singapore
02 Sep Under9, Kaula Lampur
27 Aug Sweat Lodge x Zukunft, Zurich
14 Aug About Blank, Berlin
27 Jul Sweat Lodge x Tresor, Berlin
23 Jul Rebel Rebel, Rome
16 Jul Melt Festival, Gräfenhainchen
15 Jul Nitsa, Barcelona
09 Jul Dot, St. Petersburg
25 Jun Sugar Factory, Amsterdam
09 Jun Infrastructure NY in-store at Spacehall, Berlin
29 May Panorama Bar, Berlin
21 May Fabric, London
23 Apr Heidegluhen, Berlin
16 Apr BO18, Beirut
15 Apr Nitsa, Barcelona
09 Apr Bassiani, Tbilisi
08 Apr Indigo, Istanbul
02 Apr Gloss, Milan
17 Mar The Block, Tel Aviv
11 Mar Das Lokal, Wrocław
05 Mar Reaktor, Amsterdam
26 Feb Stereo, Montreal
13 Feb Die Rakete, Nürnberg
12 Feb Decadance, Gent
06 Feb Hangar, Pietrasanta
28 Jan The Block, Tel Aviv
24 Jan Berghain, Berlin
09 Jan Bunker, New York
01 Jan F8, San Fransisco


31 Dec KGB Gallery, Los Angeles
25 Dec Under Bron, Stockholm
18 Dec Tresor, Berlin
12 Dec Drom, Paris
06 Dec Contort at OHM, Berlin
21 Nov Meet Club, Cervia
20 Nov Meetfactory ,Prague
07 Nov Signals at Musiktheater Bad, Hannover
01 Nov Berghain, Berlin
31 Oct Serum @ Skatehall, Osnabrück
14 Oct Out-ER at THT Workshop ADE, Amsterdam
03 Oct Rebel Rebel at Lanificio, Rome
26 Sep Torre Regina, Brindisi
19 Sep Fabric, London
06 Sep About Blank, Berlin
22 Aug Afro Banana Festival, Cyprus
15 Aug District 8, Dublin
31 Jul Heideglühen, Berlin
18 Jul Vurt, Seoul
17 Jul Heart Beat @ The Observatory, Ho Chi Minh City
15 Jul Koh, Bali
11 Jul Kyo, Singapore
09 Jul The Block, Tel Aviv
03 Jul PAL, Hamburg
20 Jun Coconut Bar, Barcelona
19 Jun BASIS, Utrecht
16 Jun Under Club, Barcelona
13 Jun Patterns, Brighton
23 May Liquid Club, Malta
21 May Experimental Live Set at OHM, Berlin
16 May Berghain, Berlin
11 Apr Slakthuset, Stockholm
10 Apr Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig
05 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
14 Mar Bloc, Minehead
27 Feb About Blank, Berlin
21 Feb Affekt Club, Frosinone
20 Feb Harry Klein, Munich
14 Feb Baalsaal, Hamburg
12 Feb Propoganda, Moscow
06 Feb Uberhaus, Beirut
24 Jan Berghain, Berlin
23 Jan Village Underground, London
03 Jan Berghain, Berlin
02 Jan Bootleg, Tel Aviv (night)
02 Jan Hansen House, Jerusalem (day)


26 Dec Romy S, Stuttgart
13 Dec Der Stur, Munster
06 Dec Ways at Public, Molfetta
14 Nov Didi Gallery, Tbilisi
01 Nov Berghain, Berlin
24 Oct Lanificio, Rome
18 Oct ON and ON ADE at Radion, Amsterdam
10 Oct Co2 Club, Nantes
04 Oct District 8, Dublin
27 Sep Vurt, Seoul
26 Sep Module, Tokyo
20 Sep Sfinks700, Sopot
14 Sep Berghain, Berlin
06 Sep Bloc, London
30 Aug Berghain, Berlin
29 Aug Bootleg, Tel Aviv
23 Aug Utopia Island Festival, Moosburg
16 Aug Bob Beaman, Munich
15 Aug Transition Lab, Brindisi
07 Aug Berghain Kantine, Berlin
26 Jul About Blank, Berlin
19 Jul Twisted Pepper, Dublin
12 Jul Stattbad, Berlin
05 Jul DV1, Lyon
21 Jun Heideland, Berlin
11 Jun Boiler Room, Berlin
07 Jun Berghain, Berlin
24 May COXY, Warsaw
16 May Poppodium Volt, Sittard
05 Apr Stattbad, Berlin
29 Mar Silbergold, Frankfurt
28 Mar Under Bron, Stockholm
14 Mar Dalston Superstore, London
08 Mar Uberhaus, Beirut
21 Feb Nefertiti, Gothenburg
15 Feb Berghain, Berlin
14 Feb Monasterio, Moscow
08 Feb Fabric, London
Jan US Tour Postponed
02 Jan Berghain, Berlin
01 Jan Uebel & Gefahrlich, Hamburg


30 Dec Maldron Hotel, Limerick
26 Dec SWG3, Glasgow
21 Dec City Club, Augsburg
20 Dec Harry Klein, Munich
14 Dec Der Stur, Munster
07 Dec La Graviere, Geneva
16 Nov Berghain, Berlin
26 Oct Sisyphos, Berlin
19 Oct About Blank, Berlin
11 Oct Westwerk, Leipzig
04 Oct Golden Gate, Berlin
21 Sep Stattbad, Berlin
20 Sep A.R.M, Kassel
14 Sep Afro Banana Republic Fest, Nicosia
01 Sep It’s Bigger Than, Prince Charles, Berlin
24 Aug Berghain, Berlin
09 Aug Resek, Tel Aviv
03 Aug Trust Bar, Berlin
25 Jul Cookies, Berlin
13 Jul Mutech, Seoul
30 Jun Fusion Festival, Larz
28 Jun Homopatik, Berlin
13 Jun Wood, Brussels
12 Jun Factory, Barcelona
01 Jun Stattbad, Berlin
31 May Monasterio, Moscow
26 May Berghain, Berlin
17 May Bread & Butter @ Basing House, London
04 May Inland Live at Stattbad, Berlin
30 Apr E Werk, Weimar
21 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
13 Apr MetroDanceClub, Alicante
30 Mar Stattbad Wedding, Berlin
23 Mar Paramount Club, London
09 Mar Kraniche Klub, Hamburg
02 Mar Berghain, Berlin
28 Feb Berns, Stockholm
22Feb Silbergold, Frankfurt
16 Feb Zu Bar, Pescara
08 Feb Bootleg, Tel Aviv
01 Feb Inland at Tresor, Berlin
17 Jan Golden Gate, Berlin
02 Jan Watergate,Berlin