Eric Cloutier

Palinoia | The Bunker NY | Wolfskuil | Mosaic | Based in Berlin, Germany


Aron Freidman, Thump: “When I was in Berlin last December, I must have heard around twenty different DJs play in one weekend. But only one of them really stuck with me, and that was Eric Cloutier. His sound was dark but warm, steady but dynamic, techno but still house; original and captivating.”

Eric Cloutier’s standards are representative of the pre-social media craze and arguably the old adage of letting music speak for itself. Cloutier’s twenty-plus year commitment has been built upon his integrity as a DJ and authority as a selector. A self-described “record digging psychopath,” one only has to refer to his mix of highly sought after cuts from Driftwood Records to see the lengths Cloutier will go to in order to procure the perfect selection. This is truly Cloutier’s nature – one of zeal and infatuation towards the warm, dubby, hypnotic house and techno that has come to characterize his sound as well as his masterful ability to bridge the gap between dance music’s past and its future.

An exception to the norm, Cloutier is not one to capitalize on his Detroit origins. Moving to New York in his 20’s, he became a regular face at The Bunker where he began to further define his innate style of body orientated music. Now situated in Berlin, where he often shows up behind the decks of niche alcoves as well as the world’s best clubs, Cloutier’s reputation as an unequivocal, dexterous force is increasingly becoming one of note. His talents as a producer have also been growing of late, with the establishment of his own imprint Palinoia, Greek for “the obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfected or mastered.” The label has become the new home and optimization for Cloutier’s evolving undertakings. Through Palinoia, Cloutier manages to further synthesize slick, dubby club music to slide into his DJ sets as well as feature lesser known talent he’s discovered. He’s a DJ for whom quality – above all else – is the watchword.


Heuristic EP ‎ – Palinoia

Raxeira EP – Wolfskuil Ltd

Steve O’Sullivan vs. Kashawar / Titonton Duvanté / Eric Cloutier – Split Series Part Two – Mosaic


Upon Humanity (Eric Cloutier’s The End Is Near Version) Craig Mcwhinney – Southern Lights

2650 (Eric Cloutier Remix) Van Bonn* – Van Bonn Records Van Bonn

Pathfinder (Eric Cloutier Remix) Archivist – Blankstairs

Pacifier (Eric Cloutier Remix) Freund der Familie – Freund Der Familie

The Transpose (Eric Cloutier’s Theorem) BLD – BLD Tape Recordings

Slippin (Eric Cloutier Perpetual Motion Remix) Trinity (69) – Nightime Drama


Eric Cloutier joins Sweat Lodge. Look out for new music via his recently created label Palinoia, and much more in the works to be announced.


22 Dec Bassiani, Tbilisi
02 Dec Berghain, Berlin
02 Sep Griessmühle, Berlin
12 Aug Pornceptual, Berlin
03 Aug Neopop Festival, Porto
30 Jun The Pickle Factory, London
24 Jun Elevator, Shanghai
23 Jun Dada, Beijing
17 Jun Rooftop, Chengdu
16 Jun Hangover, Guangzhou
27 May Texture at Marble Bar, Detroit
14 May Berghain, Berlin
06 May Goethebunker, Essen
05 May TBA, Tel Aviv
30 Apr Technoon, Brussels
29 Apr Shelter, Amsterdam
08 Apr Rhythm Buro, Kiev
25 Mar Sonar Live, Tbingen
17 Mar Discoteca Ypsilon, Florence
02 Feb Tresor, Berlin


31 Dec Tresor, Berlin
29 Dec 030 Label Night at Berghain Kantine, Berlin
23 Dec Opium Club, Vilnius
17 Dec Strange Signals, Sydney
16 6Dec Realtime at Mercat Hotel, Melbourne
19 Nov Klubd, Cyprus
11 Nov AWAY at About Blank, Berlin
10 Nov Concrete, Paris
29 Oct Minsk, Belarus
15 Oct Berghain, Berlin
15 Sep Faust, Seoul
09 Sep Contact, Tokyo
02 Sep Paral-lel Festival, Barcelona
13 Aug Strange Allure, Buffalo
12 Aug Deep Turnt, Chicago
30 Jul The Bunker at Good Room, NYC
29 Jul Stereo, Montreal
23 Jul Gamma Festival, St. Petersburg
22 Jul Rote Liebe at Gwolbe, Cologne
09 Jul Concrete, Paris
01 Jul Lake Sessions at Vitamin Cube, Tbilisi
18 Jun Tresor, Germany
04 Jun Wolfskuil Nacht at Fuse, Brussels
03 Jun Missing Persons at Cheetah Club, Glasgow
13 May Radion, AMsterdam
23 Apr Tresor, Berlin
17 Apr Technoon, Brussles
16 Apr On the 5th Day at Pickle Factory, London
26 Mar Kyo, Singapore
12 Mar Secondenature, Seattle
11 Mar Vayu Sound, Los Angeles
09 Mar Housepitality at F8, San Francisco
05 Mar RA In Residence at Smart Bar, Chicago
04 Mar The Bunker ata Good Room, NYC
20 Feb Urodziny Type at 1500m2, Warsaw
19 Feb Poznan, Poland
11 Feb Goaultrabeat at Goa, Rome
30 Jan Peacock Society at Parc Floral de Paris
02 Jan Still Awake? at Tresor, Berlin


19 Dec Genesis at Vicious Club, Rome
11 Dec Mood at Radion, Amsterdam
28 Nov Common Ground, Melbourne
27 Nov Strange Signals at Burdekin Hotel, Sydney
20 Nov Strawberry Fields, Melbourne
14 Nov Razzmatazz, Barcelona
16 Oct PoleGroup vs. Wolfskuil ADE at De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
09 Oct Deeply Rooted at Rex, Paris
02 Oct Rhythm Buro, Kiev
19 Sep The Bunker at Output, NYC
18 Sep Rave New World Festival at Hangar 18, Montreal
04 Sep Tresor, Berlin
15 Aug TANSTAFFL at Transport, Rotterdam
25 Jul Secretsundaze at Tresor, Berlin
11 Jul 10years80 at Studio 80, Amsterdam
26 Jun Supynes Festival, Vilnius
20 Jun Bergahin, Berlin
02 Jun Sunshine Music, Italy
31 May Berlin Fest, Berlin
09 May Oktave at Smart Bar, Chicago
07 May Whiskey Disco, Detroit
01 May Further Future Festival, Las Vegas
19 Apr Concrete, Paris
12 Apr Le Sucre, Lyon
11 Apr Stratti at Brancalene, Rome
29 Mar Booze Up at Bridge Bar, Tokyo
28 Mar Booze Up at Unit, Tokyo
27 Mar G, Okinawa
26 Mar Dommune, Tokyo
13 Mar I Sankt Veit at Chalet, Berlin
06 Mar Planet Rose at Doornroosje, Nijmegen
28 Feb In/Side at DV1, Lyon
14 Feb Bergahin, Berlin
06 Feb Breakfest Club, Tel Aviv
31 Jan Signal > Noise at 45 Euclid, Rochester
28 Jan Housepitality at F8, San Francisco
24 Jan Foreign Affairs, Pittsburgh
23 Jan Stereo, Montreal
17 Jan The Bunker at Output, NYC
16 Jan Vague Output, Baltimore
15 Jan TV Lounge, Detroit
09 Jan Door #3 Deep Turnt, Chicago