John Daly

Feel Music | Running Back | Based in Galway, Ireland

John Daly

“At some point I realised that there was something in all the music I loved. From Ron Trent to Larry Levan and Jimi Hendrix, Lonnie Liston Smith to CSNY, Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders, Led Zeppelin to Juan Atkins and Madlib. Difficult to put into words, call it Feel, call it Soul. The sound of the Universe. The Fire. It’s the reason why i make music.”

John Daly is an Irish producer and DJ/Live act, who at this point should be considered a veteran of the scene.

Though often pigeonholed as a deep house artist, he is much more than that. In the 10+ years since founding Feel Music and his debut 2005 release “Birds” (considered a watershed moment in the post-mnml deep house revival) he has tackled multiple genres and styles, from his cosmic excursions on Francois K’s Wave Music, culminating in the acclaimed “Sea & Sky” LP in 2009, he has also released downtempo, dub and ambient as The Smoke Clears on Further Records, Techno for Running Back, and yes of course also Deep House for labels like Zurich’s mighty Drumpoet Community, IRR, Plak, Mule Musiq and many more.


Music Of The Sea – Feel Music 2016

Mainline – Izu 2016

Shine EP – Love Fever Records 2015

11 51 26 41 2 EP – Running Back 2015

Second Knight – Tanstaafl Planets 2014

Everlasting – Secretsundaze 2014

Pandora – One Track Records 2013

The Breakthrough – Feel Music 2013

One More City – Secretsundaze 2013

Listen (as The Smoke Clears) – Further Records 2013

Sunburst LP – Drumpoet Community 2012

Back to Feel EP – Feel Music 2012

Sea Level – Further Records 2011

Meltdown – One Track Records 2010

This Is a Lonely Beat – Drumpoet Community 2009

Space Walk EP – Mule Msique 2009

Sea and Sky LP – Wave Music 2009

Solitaire – Irr 2008

Freak Out or Get Out EP – Wave Music 2007

Sky Dive EP – Plak Records 2007

Solaris – Feel Music 2006

Birds – Feel Music 2005


2016 has so far seen the return of John Daly’s Feel Music label, with a ton of new releases lined up including the rest of the raw techno material from the session that appeared on his Running Back 12″ last year.
Also September 2016 will see the release of the much anticipated second album from The Smoke Clears, his more IDM focused project.
Add to this his ongoing 60 Miles collaboration and other production work, expect to hear lots more of his music this year and beyond.


14 Oct Silbergold, Frankfurt
15 Sep Tresor, Berlin
03 Sep Electric Picnic, Stradbally
12 Aug Ballindenisk House, Cork
06 Aug John Daly’s, Mullingar Co. Westmeath
30 Jul Bowery Rooftop, Cork
22 Jul Sweat Lodge x Nista, Barcelona
21 Jul MOVE at Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
14 May Panorama Bar, Berlin
24 Mar Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
10 Feb Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
20 Jan Sweat Lodge x About Blank, Berlin


23 Dec The Emigrant Disco @ Tengu, Dublin
09 Dec Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
22 Oct Wigwam, Dublin (The Smoke Clears Album Launch)
16 Sep Lúnasa Festival, Co Louth
27 Aug Zukunft, Zurich
17 Jul Else, Berlin
09 Jul Tresor, Berlin
02 Jul Ruigoord, Amsterdam
20 May Bar Tengu, Dublin
16 May Minus, Cork
08 Apr Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
26 Feb Corsica Studio, London
15 Jan BobBeaman, Munich


28 Nov Panorama Bar, Berlin
08 Nov Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
24 Oct The Boat Club, Ireland
04 Oct Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
13 Sep Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
11 Sep Artheater, Cologne
05 Sep Zukunft, Zurich
02 Aug The Grand Social, Dublin
17 Jul Jaeger, Oslo
21 Jun Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
19 Jun Pygmalion, Dublin
07 Jun Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
30 May T13, Belfast
16 May Tresor, Berlin
18 Apr Basing House, London
15 Feb Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
08 Feb Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
30 Jan Prince Charles, Berlin
25 Jan Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
18 Jan Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway


27 Dec Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
14 Dec Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
07 Dec Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
23 Nov Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
09 Nov Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
07 Nov Dachstock Reitschule, Bern
02 Nov Electric Garden & Theatre, Galway
28 Sep Output, New York
16 Aug Origami, Japan
09 Aug Oval Space, London
26 Jul Concrete, Paris
13 Jun Chalet, Berlin
24 May Garage, Basel
16 Mar The Vic, Galway
07 Feb Glazart, Paris
10 Jan Chalet, Berlin