Just This

Hunter/Game | Primal | Christian Löffler | Pisetzky | Redshape | Inland


Just This is the expression of a social, metropolitan and underground movement we are living and going through all together.

Special guest of our nights is the music: techno, electronic and pop; those kind of music are influencing the culture of an entire generation like we have never seen before.

Our Mission is to give room and importance to Art and Music which are still evolving day by day. JT’s events are aimed to frame these changes, which are going to be the picture of today and the future memory of the cultural movement of this age, throughout a series of messages, images and sensation drawn inside the audience.

Furthermore, thanks to the energy, the happiness and the magic charm of our parties and events, talented and unique artists, from all over the world, use their way to interpret music to communicate people the real core of this change:

the future is changing…


Just This 010 – Broken Promises Pt 2 Hunter/Game, Pisetzky, Altman

Just This 09 – Broken Promises
Tom Trago &Pisetzky, Eduardo De La Calle, Kelpe

Just This 08 – Landside – Chains EP
Remixes by Axel Boman & Beacon

Just This 07 Pisetzky – Elevation EP
Remixes by Inland & Distance Echos

Just This 06 Christian Loeffler – Lost EP
Remixes by Nuno Dos Santos & Lake People

Just This 05 Landside – Pt 2
Remixes by Extrawelt & Avatism

Just This 04 Landside – Pt 1
Remixes by Max Cooper & Benjamin Damage

Just This 03 Pisetzky – Off the Map EP
Remixes by Locked Groove & Thomalla

Just This 02 Hunter/Game – Genesis EP
Remixes by Ripperton & Chymera

Just This 01 Primal – Boundaries EP
Remixes by Christian Löffler & Lulu Rouge


Just This’s first Various Artists aims to the research of a mix of sounds by producers from different countries, to a journey into a variegated world. Melancholic vibes, deep ambient atmospheres.

The second part of the Various Artists, gets straight to the point, reaching the dancefloor in a more hard and deep insistent way.

The first track ‘’Inside world’’ is composed by Hunter/Game, as a playful banger with a solid kick, brushed percussions and surging, subtly atmospheric synth pads that make the track dreamy while fierce.

The second one by Pisetzky comes with a strong, continuous 4/4 bassline and organic percussion from start to end, further on dominated by a hypnotic melody followed by a more romantic and dreamy motif full of longing melancholy and eternity.

The third one comes from Just This new Artist Altman, with a breaking mellow downbeat theme, it lets all squeaky sounds mesh nicely like a dream landscape opening up into a widescreen chord progression, with an epic build up.

Just This
. Out now.


15 Apr Indigo, Istanbul (Hunter/Game + Pisetzky)
18 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona (Hunter/Game + Locked Groove + Pisetzky)


17 Dec Six d.o.g.s, Athens (Locked Groove + Pisetzky)
03 Dec Volt, Milan (Redshape + Altman)
25 Nov Village Underground, London (Hunter/Game + Redshape + Agents of Time + Pisetzky)
05 Nov Chytirio, Athens (Mind Against + Altman)
05 Nov Volt, Milan (Christian Löffler)
28 Oct Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (Âme + Hunter/Game)
21 Oct ADE at Pillek, Amsterdam (Radio Slave + Redshape + Hunter/Game + Christian Löffler & Mohna Live + Inland + SOMNE + Pisetzky + Octual)
14 Oct Chytirio, Athens (Roman Flügel + Hunter/Game)
01 Oct Volt, Milan (Inland + Altman)
23 Sep Fever, Bilbao (Hunter/Game + Pisetzky)
17 Sep Volt, Milan (Hunter/Game + SOMNE)
30 Jul Voltage Festival Stage, Zwevegem (Hunter/Game + Pisetzky + Christian Löffler + Ripperton)
24 Jun Kahidi, Tbilisi (Hunter/Game + Pisetzky + SOMNE)
17 Jun OFF Sonar at Up & Down (Stephan Bodzin + Roman Flügel + Redshape + Hunter/Game + Christian Löffler + Lake People + Pisetzky + SOMNE)
01 Jun Distortion Club, Copenhagen (Hunter/Game + Baikal + Pisetzky)
15 Apr Village Underground, London (Hunter/Game + Marcus Worgull + Locked Groove)
11 Mar Indigo, Istanbul (Barnt + Hunter/Game + Pisetzky)


21 Nov Nitsa, Barcelona (Hunter/Game + Marcel Worgull)
24 Oct Baalsaal, Hamburg (Hunter/Game + Aera + Pisetzky)
23 Oct Culture Box (Hunter/Game + Ame)
18 Sep Village Underground, London (Hunter/Game + Ripperton +Christian Loeffler + Pisetzky)
18 Jul PIXI Beach, Athens (Hunter/Game + Mind Against)
19 Jun Poble Espanyol, Barcelona (Hunter/Game + Christian Loffler + Lake People + Locked Groove + Pisetzky + Primal)
04 Jun Culture Box, Copenhagen (Hunter/Game + Tale Of Us)
04 Jun Distortion Festival, Copenhagen (Hunter/Game + Pisetzky + Primal)
08 Jun Culture Box, Copenhagen (Hunter/Game + Mind Against)
18 Apr Indigo, Istanbul (Hunter/Game + Christian Loeffler + Pisetzky)
16 Apr Letasca, Milan (Hunter/Game + Max Cooper)
13 Mar Culture Box, Copenhagen (Hunter/Game + Mano Le Tough)
19 Feb Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan (Hunter/Game + Benjamin Damage + Pisetzky)
12 Feb Stock at TOM, Milan (Hunter/Game + Lake People)
22 Jan Stock at TOM, Milan (Hunter/Game + Locked Groove + Pisetzky)
16 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin (Hunter/Game + Christian Loffler + Pisetzky + Primal)


18 Dec Stock at TOM, Milan (Hunter/Game + Fjaak)
27 Nov Stock at TOM, Milan (Space Dimension Controller + Pisetzky)
06 Nov Stock at TOM, Milan (Somne)
23 Oct Stock at TOM, Milan (Pearson Sound)
19 Oct ADE, Amsterdam (Hunter/Game + Ripperton + Pisetzky)
02 Oct Stock at TOM, Milan (Tom Trago)
29 Sept Culture Box, Copenhagen (Hunter/Game + Ame + Pisetzky + Primal)
01 May Culture Box, Copenhagen (Hunter/Game + DJ Tennis + Mind Against + Pisetzky + Primal)
20 Feb Santa Tecia, Milan (Christian Loffler + John Swing + Pisetzky)