Locked Groove
Hotflush | Locked Groove Recordings | Based in Berlin Germany

The ever shifting landscape of techno and house has been a fertile ground for the Belgian-born & Berlin-based Locked Groove.

Both his productions and dj sets share the effortless luster of classic Chicago anthems and the eerie qualities of raw industrial jams. This crossover complexion showcases a bold vision that separates him from the tropes with an uncompromising influence.

It comes as no surprise that none other than Scuba picked up on Locked Groove’s sound in 2012. His debut and follow-ups on Hotflush were all uniformly lauded. Other releases on Life and Death, Permanent Vacation, Afterlife, his eponymous label Locked Groove records and Speicher were met with just as much critical acclaim


Locked Groove – Zillion EP (Locked Groove Records)

Locked Groove – Progression EP (Just This)

Locked Groove – Whistle/Birds Of Prey (Locked Groove Records)

Presk – 2BXPRZD (Locked Groove remix) (Something Happening Somewhere)

Sebastian Voight – Untitled (Locked Groove Remix) (Outcast Oddity)

Locked Groove – Dawn (Speicher)

Vaal – Wander to Hell (Locked Groove Remix) (Afterlife)

Locked Groove – Eleven (Life & Death)

Mind against & Locked Groove – Elysium (Hotflush Recordings)

Locked Groove – Thesseus EP (Permanent Vacation)

Locked Groove – Enigma EP (Hotflush Recordings)

Locked Groove – Waves (Locked Groove Records)

Pional – It’s all over (Locked Groove Remix) (Hivern Discs)

Locked Groove – Heritage (Hotflush Recordings)

Locked Groove – Keep It Simple (Hotflush Recordings)

Locked Groove – Rooted EP (Hotflush Recordings)


Continuing the series of acclaimed EPs on his recently relaunched imprint, Locked Groove presents The Gate EP, a three track package paying homage to strands of new beat, rave and jungle that continue to influence his sound. Locked Groove talks rebooting his label with Red Bull Elektropedia. Beatport’s Hype Artist Spotlight. Interview and mix for Condition.


21 Dec IGufi, Latina
14 Dec Badaboum, Paris
10 Nov Wilden Renate, Berlin
27 Oct About Blank, Berlin
21 Oct NAME Presents, Lille
20 Oct Just This ADE, Amsterdam
15 Sep Chalet, Berlin
13 Sep Afterlife, Ibiza
08 Sep Treehouse, Thessaloniki
17 Aug Pukkelpop, Hasselt
11 Aug Bulka Parysska, Gdansk
05 Aug Cirque Magique, Ledegem
04 Aug Tresor, Berlin
22 Jun Terra Open Air, Sde Boker
04 Jun Secret Location, Moscow
02 Jun Kater Blau, Berlin
30 May Projekt Pralnia, Wroclaw
26 May Corvin, Budapest
18 May Wilden Renate, Berlin
13 Apr Cutting Edge, Brussels
17 Mar Labyrinth Club, Hasselt
03 Mar Chalet, Berlin
17 Feb Nitsa, Barcelona
03 Feb Watergate, Berlin
20 Jan About Blank, Berlin
19 Jan BobBeaman, Munich
13 Jan Kite Club, Ankara
12 Jan PIX at Ritual, Athens
05 Jan D Club, Laussane


16 Dec D-Edge, São Paulo
10 Dec Paradise, Santiago
08 Dec Bahrein, Buenos Aires
02 Dec OST, Berlin
18 Nov Volt, Milan
26 Oct Chalet, Berlin
21 Oct Kompakt/DGTL ADE, Amsterdam
30 Sep Ampere, Antwerp
28 Sep IPSE, Berlin
09 Sep Into the Woods, Amersfoort
09 Sep Fluor, Amersfoort
02 Sep 8Bahn Harbour Festival, Arnhem
26 Aug Wilden Renate, Berlin
17 Aug The Block, Tel Aviv
10 Aug Afterlife, Ibiza
06 Aug Turtle Fest at Drymades Beach, Vlore
29 Jul Gem Fest, Anaklia
23 Jul Vooruit, Gent
15 Jul Diapason at Castello Calcione, Arezzo
14 Jul Culture Box, Copenhagen
13 Jul Watergate, Berlin
01 Jul Banana: Peach, Melbourne
30 Jun Ricardos, Sydney
24 Jun Lantern, Beijing
23 Jun Hangover, Guangzhou
18 Jun Wanderlust, Paris
17 Jun Open Air Cinema, Larisa
16 Jun Just This OFF Sonar, Barcelona
26 May De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
14 May About Blank, Berlin
12 May La Suite, Lille
06 May Baby Club, Marseille
29 Apr Mi Casa Su Casa, Bristol
28 Apr Wilden Renate, Berlin
22 Apr Opium Rooms, Dublin
02 Apr Euriska, Pune
01 Apr Summer House Cafe, Mumbai
31 Mar Groove on the Grass, Dubai
18 Mar Just This x Nitsa, Barcelona
17 Mar Hive, Zurich
11 Mar Just This x Watergate, Berlin
04 Mar Harry Klein, Munich
24 Feb Krankenhaus, Sint-Niklaas
17 Feb Warehouse Elementenstraat, Amsterdam
10 Feb Le Sucre, Lyon
04 Feb Fuse, Brussels
28 Jan Sweat Lodge x Village Underground, London
14 Jan Haus Drei&Dreißig, Nurnberg


25 Dec CityFox, Zurich
17 Dec Sweat Lodge x Six Dogs, Athens
10 Dec Sweat Lodge x Romy S, Stuttgart
03 Dec Gewölbe, Cologne
26 Nov Smolna 38, Warsaw
25 Nov Cult, Vilnius
24 Nov The Off, Berlin
19 Nov Sweat Lodge x Volt, Milan
18 Nov Radion, Amsterdam
12 Nov Sweat Lodge x Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
10 Nov Sweat Lodge x D-Edge, São Paulo
04 Nov Baum, Bogota
29 Oct Mick’s Garage, London
28 Oct About Blank, Berlin
22 Oct Meet Club, Cervia
20 Oct Afterlife ADE, Amsterdam
15 Oct Boiler Room, Antwerp
07 Oct Output, Ney York
01 Oct Sweat Lodge x Indigo, Istanbul
24 Sep BASIS, Utrecht
23 Sep Paradigm, Groningen
21 Sep Watergate, Berlin
10 Sep Der Morgen, Budapest
08 Sep The Block, Tel Aviv
03 Sep Sweat Lodge x Kyo,Singapore
27 Aug Fabric, London
18 Aug Afterlife at Space, Ibiza
05 Aug Batofar, Paris
27 Jul Sweat Lodge x Tresor, Berlin
23 Jul A Contraluz Festival , Marseille
22 Jul Tomorrowland, Boom
17 Jul Wildeburg Festival, Kraggenburg
14 Jul Afterlife at Space, Ibiza
17 Jun ZT Hotel Villa Olimpica, Barcelona
03 Jun Sweat Lodge x Iris Beach Club, Beirut
30 May Cha Cha Moon Beach Club, Kuh Samui
29 May Scratch Warehouse, Melbourne
27 May Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
13 May Souvenir at Watergate, Berlin
23 Apr Tante Rike, Bonn
22 Apr Bootleg, Tel Aviv
16 Apr Broeikas, Breda
15 Apr Village Underground, London
02 Apr Ampere, Antwerp
18 Mar LC Club, Nantes
12 Mar XOYO, London
11 Mar Bungalup, Lommel
26 Feb Gaia, El Marsa
12 Feb L´aeronef, Lille
05 Feb Radion, Amsterdam
22 Jan Le studio Saglio, Strasbourg
21 Jan Rex Club, Paris
15 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin
12 Jan Hotflush BPM, Playa del Carmen

31 Dec Subcultuur, Nijmegen
26 Dec Just This at Pixi, Athens
19 Dec Toldi, Budapest
18 Dec Radion, Amsterdam
21 Nov Georgies Winter Garten, Amsterdam
20 Nov Village Underground, London
30 Oct Hotflush at De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
24 Oct MAD, Dortmund
10 Oct Gloss, Milan
09 Oct Transportbedrijf, Rotterdam
03 Oct Name Festival, Lille
26 Sep Decadence, Gent
19 Sep Denneoord, Weert
29 August Mondo, Madrid
29 Aug Wonderland Festival, Amsterdam
21 Aug Bootleg, Tel aviv
08 Aug Paradigm, Groningen
22 Jul Peep, Gent
18 Jul Liefhebbers, Amsterdam
04 Jul Oval Space, London
03 Jul All We Want Festival, Goch
20 Jun Fuse, Brussels
20 Jun Sleeptouw, Tilburg
19 Jun Just This at Sonar, Barcelona
06 Jun Gaia, Tunisia
16 May Mansion, Malta
08 May Projekt Lab, Poznan
26 Apr 8 Bahn, Arnhem
25 Apr Mad, Dortmund
18 Apr Huisgemaakt, Turnhout
17 Apr Indigo, Istanbul
04 Apr DGTL, Amsterdam
29 Mar Club Sontag, Hulste
28 Mar Jesi Club, Ancona
27 Mar Hotflush at Next Door, Birmingham
22 Mar Centro Multiculturale Officina, Sicily
20 Mar Sankeys, Manchester
20 Mar The night Kitchen, Sheffield
07 Mar Hotflush at Warehouse, Leeds
05 Mar Israel Festival, Haifa
07 Feb Prozac 2.0, Krakow
06 Feb Cafe D’Anvers, Antwerp
31 Jan Undertone, Rotterdam
22 Jan Just This at Tom, Milan