Lossless is a Berlin based record label, founded by Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb early 2014. Lossless is more than a label – it’s like a tribe driven by proficient craft and gradual, joint evolution with its artists.

In its three years lifespan, Lossless has put out 15 forward-thinking-house music releases, coming from a selected group of up and coming producers like Irishman Neil Flynn, Portuguese wonder boy Trikk, the French banana Anthony Georges Patrice, meticulous and long standing Dutch electronica professor Love Over Entropy or labelhead Mathias Schober himself – under his real name, as SB, SHOW-B or together with his companion Thomas Herb under their SBTH moniker. Together with Trikk, Schober just recently originated the promising new project Internacional Electrical Rhythms.

With its individual artists and projects becoming more and more lauded among heavyweights and clubbers alike, the future looks brimmed with potential for Lossless.

Constant support for Lossless’ variety of releases coming from the likes of Andrew Weatherhall, Âme, Dixon, the Keinemusik gang, Mano Le Tough, Steve Bug, Damian Lazarus, Josh Wink, Marvin & Guy, Job Jobse, Solomun or Sven Väth amongst others.


LL1219 – Atelier – Something to fill a Hour EP incl. Perel & SBTH remixes

LL1217 – Love over Entropy – Marka EP

LL1216 – Mathias Schober – Continuing EP

LL1215 – Internacional Electrical Rhythms – Momental EP

LL1214 – Anthony Georges Patrice – Nujan EP

LL1213 – Various – Outbound.2 EP

LLxSoHaSo 002 – King Britt pres. Obafunke – Uzoamaka EP2 (incl. Dixon, SB & Nuno Dos Santos Remixes)

LL1212 – SBTH – Moritzplatz EP

LL1211 – SBTH – Ribolla EP

LL1210 – Neil Flynn – J.E.N. EP (incl. Trikk Remix)

LLxSoHaSo 001 – King Britt pres. Obafunke – Uzoamaka EP1 (incl. Love Over Entropy & SBTH Remixes)

LL1209 – Trikk – Internacional EP

LL1208 – Mathias Schober – According To EP

LL1207 – Love Over Entropy – In Between EP

LL1206 – Various – Outbound.1 EP

LL12X1 – Jaap Lighthart – I Know Change (incl. SHOW-B Remixes) – ltd. 12” only

LL1205 – SB – The Washint EP

LL1204 – Yokto – Mara EP

LL1203 – Neil Flynn – Louise EP (incl. SBTH Remix)

LL1202 – SBTH – Dagito EP (incl. The Drifter Remix)

LL1201 – Anthony Georges Patrice – Parallel Romance EP (incl. SB Re-Arrange)


After an excellent summer and some nice showcases, Lossless is back into swing getting their next releases. LL1219 introduces a new act hailing from Cape Town South Africa, a duo that goes by the name of ATELIER including remixes by the likes of Perel and head honchos SBTH. LL1218 will follow right after, as the label decided to swap releases as Atelier’s EP will be a perfect guidance into late summer and autumn. LL1218 will be courtesy of another excellent duo Trikk & Mathias Schober as Internacional Electrical Rhythms.


25 Aug Lossless x Supermarket, Zurich (Mathias Schober + Love Over Entropy)
08 Jun Lossless x IFZ, Leipzig (Mathias Schober + Thomas Herb + Neil Flynn)
15 Mar Lossless x Chalet, Berlin (Anthony Georges Patrice + Internacional Electrical Rhythms + Neil Flynn + Thomas Herb)

23 Dec Lossless x Batofar, Paris (SBTH + Anthony Georges Patrice)
22 Dec Lossless x Moroko Loko at Amensia, Rabat (Mathias Schober + Trikk)
12 Oct Lossless X Muting The Noise at Muting The Noise, Berlin (Anthony Georges Patrice + Neil Flynn + Thomas Herb)
09 Sep Lossless X Castello Festival, Beesenstedt (Love Over Entropy + SBTH – Mathias Schober + Trikk)
22 Jul Lossless X Right To Love at Gewölbe, Cologne (Trikk + SBTH + Rafael Da Cruz)
29 Apr Fiction NYC X Lossless at Analogue, Brooklyn (SBTH + Aera)
26 Jan Lossless x Muting The Noise at Muting The Noise, Berlin (Anthony Georges Patrice, SBTH + Trikk)

02 Jun Lossless X Badaboum, Paris (Mathias Schober + Anthony Georges Patrice + Birdy)

28 Aug Lossless X Kong, Munich (Love Over Entropy + SBTH)
08 May Lossless X Her Damit Festival, Prora (Neil Flynn + SBTH)
29 Apr Meet Lossless, Watergate, Berlin (Anthony Georges Patrice + SBTH + Neil Flynn)