Mathias Schober
Lossless | Based in Berlin Germany
Mathias Schober

Berlin-based DJ/Producer Mathias Schober is a man of a thousand disguises, it seems. Whether releasing under his full name, or aliases such as SHOW-B, SB, Mathias’ records consistently find themselves into the record boxes of the most highly esteemed DJs of the world such as Sven Väth, Dixon, Mano Le Tough, and Âme.

After a prolific 2015 that saw a track on Nuno Dos Santos’ label SoHaSo, as well as several highly
acclaimed remixes of Jaap Ligthart’s “I Know Change” and Denis Horvat’s “Strange Nation”. 2016 saw Mathias Schober back on his very own imprint and mothership, Lossless. Deciding to consolidate his many guises, his “According To” EP will be released under his Mathias Schober monicker, and continues the story of the sound developed by the young producer. The sequel contains two cuts in two versions each blurring the boarders between House and deep, futuristic Techno with a dark, whining synth topping. The Set Of Rules and It Should Be Done are made to bring us to the brightest dark places.

As a label, Lossless has proved to be an impressive platform in its own right, garnening heavy rotation from the mainstays of the scene, and paving the way for artists such as Love Over Entropy, Trikk, and Anthony George Patrice. Trikk’s highly acclaimed LL1209 caused quite a stir in the scene. A 119 BPM banger that proved to be the track of the night for more once.

But that wasn’t all Mathias had to offer in 2016, remixes for Ian Pooley’s classic track ‘What’s Your
Number’, King Britt’s pres. ObaFunke ‘Uzoamaka’ or Re.You display Mathias’ remix and production
skills. Talking production, guys like Dixon, Steve Bug or Alex Niggemann also rely on Mathias’ ears in
the studio.

2016 was also the birth year of Lossless’ bosses – Thomas and Mathias release as SBTH – second EP
‘Ribolla’ – which found it’s way in many of the big guys playlists. 2017 is definitely no step back with several remixes for Eskimo Recordings, Chapter24 or Suara, an EP on Optimo Trax and of course music on Mathias’ very own Losselss. Also a newly formed project sees the light of day, with Internacional Electrical Rhythms Mathias and Trikk are currently working on an album.

Mathias’ vision aims to release music that can stand the test of time with a sound that fuses classic
elements, with crisp kick drums, and motor city references. And exploring unchartered territories in the process.

Besides his solo works Mathias has provided remix and production works for acclaimed artists like
Omar, Boris Dlugosch, Ian Pooley, Detroit Swindle, King Britt, Frankey & Sandrino and the voice of
House Music named Robert Owens. Plus: A collaborational joint with Milton Jackson under the name of
Pattern Select was unveiled via Delusions Of Grandeur in 2011.


Continuing EP – Lossless [2018]

Certainties EP – Optimo Trax [2017]

This Is When EP – Control – Lossless [2017]

According To EP – Lossless [2016]

6th Borough Project – Someday (Mathias Schober Update) [2017]

Stevie R & Delfin – Jalemba (Mathias Schober Rework) – Chapter24 [2017]

Re.You – Substitute (Mathias Schober Remix) – Mobilee [2016]

Ian Pooley – What’s Your number (Mathias Schober Remix) – Pooled Music [2016]

Tim Engelhardt – Everything Is All You Have (Mathias Schober Unreleased Version) – Poker Flat [2016]

Patlac – Velox (Mathias Schober Remix) – RePublik Music [2016]


Lossless’ first offering in 2018 comes courtesy of co-founder Mathias Schober. With his “Continuing EP” Mathias’ definitely continues what he has started with his recent “Certanities EP“ on Optimo Trax. The EP is a true reflection of Mathias’ constant approach to push the boundaries and merge his influences to draw a coherent painting. In this case the drawing is consisting of three truly unique tracks.


31 Dec Cityfox, New York
23 Nov Kater Blau, Berlin
10 Nov Faust Bar Theatre, Athens
03 Nov Silver & Smoke, Sarajevo
28 Oct SHOW-B at Kater Blau, Berlin
13 Oct SBTH at Watergate, Berlin
06 Oct N.A.M.E Festival, Lille
07 Sep Internacional Electrical Rhythms at Castello Festival, Halle an der Saale
25 Aug Lossless x Supermarket, Zurich
24 Aug Watergate, Berlin
11 Aug Tuff Club, Singapore
10 Aug Jiro, Kuala Lumpur
04 Aug Beton Brut, Seoul
14 Jul Somewhere In The Distance, Secret Location
08 Jun Lossless x IFZ, Leipzig
19 May Cityfox, Brooklyn
15 Mar Lossless x Chalet, Berlin
23 Feb Mathias Schober at Wilden Renate, Berlin
20 Jan Sweat Lodge x About Blank, Berlin

23 Dec Lossless x Batofar, Paris
22 Dec Lossless x Moroko Loko at Amensia, Rabat
12 Oct Lossless X Muting The Noise at Muting The Noise
30 Sep IPSE, Berlin
15 Sep TBA, Seoul
09 Sep Lossless X Castello Festival, Beesenstedt
19 Aug Kilo Lounge, Singapore
18 Aug Jiro, Kuala Lumpur
22 Jul Lossless X Right To Love, Gewölbe, Cologne
21 Jul Sacred Ground, Trampe Uckermarck
29 Apr Fiction NYC X Lossless at Analogue, Brooklyn
26 Jan Lossless x Muting The Noise at Muting The Noise, Berlin