Nous’klaer Audio

Cosime | Mattheis | Oberman | Oceanic | Paul Twin | Based in Rotterdam, Holland

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Nous’klaer Audio hails from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, headed up by Oberman the labels core goal is to provide a home for the many musical endeavors of a close bunch of friends. It started when Oberman and Mattheis met in their early 20’s, both coming from the islands of south Holland, the duo grew up in a self-made culture of music making and summer raving. It was during this time they tested their music and it soon became clear they were onto something special.

In early 2012 Oberman set the wheels in motion for the labels debut release from Mattheis entitled “Isms EP”, which was soon followed by an EP from his brother Oceanic. The current catalogue exists of releases from Mattheis, Oceanic, Benedikt Frey, Paul Twin and Cosime. From the outset the label had a clear musical idea which they have held firm to, releasing melody-drenched dance floor orientated records. This ethos has garnered them strong support both domestically and internationally since.

The name Nous’klaer is Dutch dialect for ‘now it’s ready,’ which was often used after prepping one of their parties and it aptly embodies the self-made spirit of the label. 2016 will be the busiest year for the label yet with the introduction of more names from the Nous’klaer family


KLAER001 Unkown – Loving/Sight To Sea (O.C. Edits) (Forthcoming May)

NOUS006 Cosime – Hilary (Forthcoming April 4th)

NOUS003 Paul Twin – White Island EP

NOUSLP001 Mattheis – Kindred Phenomena

NOUS004 Benedikt Frey – Trance Unlimited EP

NOUS005 Mattheis – Ls/1001

NOUS001.5 Mattheis and Oceanic – Remixed by Oceanic and Mattheis

NOUS002 Oceanic – Blanco Bero

NOUS001 Mattheis – Isms EP


In April, Nous’klaer will present another new name: Cosime. NOUS006 is a collaboration between De School residents Arif Malawi and Job Oberman (aka Oceanic), and it shows the more stripped housey side of Nous’klaer.

In the summer of 2014 Arif and Job spent some time on the Dutch islands tanning while making field recordings. Hilary and Fyr are two powerful clubtracks that evolved from this process. To complete the record a dub version is included of the A1 track Fyr. The record will be out April 4th 2016.


27 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin (Mattheis + Oberman + Oceanic)


10 Dec BAR, Rotterdam (Mattheis & Oberman)
28 May Kopjek X Warehouse, Groningen (Mattheis + Oberman + Oceanic + Paul Twin)
08 Apr BAR, Rotterdam (Cosime + Oberman)
01 Apr Marktkantine, Amsterdam (Mattheis + Oberman + Paul Twin)
13 Feb Hoop, Den Haag (Oberman b2b Oceanic)
22 Jan BAR, Rotterdam (Oberman b2b Oceanic)
16 Jan Wilde Renate, Berlin (Mattheis + Oberman)
01 Jan BAR, Rotterdam (Oberman b2b Oceanic)

27 Dec Het Sieraad, Amsterdam (Mattheis b2b Oberman)
18 Nov 60 Hz, Berlin (Mattheis + Oberman + Oceanic)
17 Oct ADE, Amsterdam, (Luc Mast + Mattheis + Oberman + Oceanic)
13 Jun Dogma, Amsterdam (Benedikt Frey + Luc Mast + Mattheis + Oberman + Oceanic)
18 Apr Studio 80, Amsterdam (Luc Mast b2b Mattheis + Oberman b2b Oceanic)