Nuno Dos Santos

SoHaSo | Based in Amsterdam, Holland

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For some artists, you will know exactly what sounds to expect when they play, but when you hear Nuno dos Santos begin one of his marathon sets you’ll never know if it’s going to be a hypnotic techno journey broken up with African percussion intermezzo’s or a vibey electro set containing lofi soundscapes fuelled by italo arps. You will only notice the transition because an involving story is starting to take place and it will fit whatever glove the night is wearing. Nuno dos Santos is a Dutch/Portuguese dj, music producer behind underground hits like ‘Proza’ and head honcho of his rising record label Something Happening Somewhere.

Born in 1976 in Lisboa but growing up in The Netherlands, Nuno was influenced mainly by electronic music from an early age on and was selected to participate in the acclaimed Red Bull Music Academy in Dublin in 2000. Having outlined his own interpretation of electronic music, exemplified by his Trigonometry of Love EP, remixes for Christian Löffler and Hunter/Game (Kompakt) and his acclaimed album ‘After Dark, My Sweet’ (Compost) together with TJ Kong, saw Nuno rise to prominence and in the last few years established more firmly by the success of SoHaSo. Both his Trigonometry of Love EP and the later that year released remix treatment received great support in 2017. Whether it’s running his own label, producing music or DJing, you can feel that Nuno is utterly in love with what he does.

This love translates into an almost obsessive curiosity for fresh music. Since his first release more than ten years ago, Nuno dos Santos’ profile is constantly progressing, seeing him as an in-demand selector and having residencies at legendary clubs like Trouw and its predecessor Club 11. Nuno’s ability to melt together seemingly contrasting genres and his unforeseeable selection, without giving in to trends, are how his unique sense of musical storytelling have developed and bloomed over the years.

Being the curator of Something Happening Somewhere, the label has a strong independent musical voice, releasing music by likeminded artists as Love over Entropy, Kiani & his Legion, Kurt Baggaley, King Britt and Polynation and remixes by Fatima Yamaha, Mattheis and Dixon. With a strong hallmark on quality control, the label releases only a few carefully handpicked records each year. Wrapped in their unique artwork cover, which serve just as well as paintings on your living room wall, they all feature their own little world to get lost in. International label showcases around Europe and beyond (Beirut, New York, London) further enforce the vitality of the label and proof of Nuno’s abilities as an important key figure in modern dance music.


Nuno Dos Santos – Trigonometry of Love EP [SoHaSo]

Hunter/Game – Hide (Nuno dos Santos remix) [Kompakt]

Christian Löffler – Unknown (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) [Just This]

Secret Cinema – Poolside (Nuno dos Santos remix) [GEM]

Christian Vance – Don’t Be Like That (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (AWAY)

Nuno Dos Santos – Wibaut127 (SoHaSo)

Renato Ratier – Miss Stereo (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (D-Edge)

Dimitri – Schwung (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Planet-E)

Alexander Kowalski – Speaker Attack (Nuno Dos Santos Remixes)

Gregor Tresher – Nightcolors (Nuno Dos Santos Dark / Light Remix) (Break New Soil)

JML – Seek Till You Find (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Flow Music)

Nuno Dos Santos – Mon Toy ep (Inflyte Records)

Ane Trolle – 100 People (Nuno Dos Santos dub)

Oniris – Kanumera (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Espai)

Estroe & Nuno Dos Santos – Second Thoughts inc (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Eevonext)

Qbical – My Love (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Manual)

Andre Obin – Night Owl (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Klopfgeist)

Pitto – Ceiling In Paris (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Green)

Nuno Dos Santos – Hamming ep (Trouw) (

TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos – After Dark, My Sweet Instrumentals (Compost)

Andi Muller – Comedown (360 remix) (Trouw)

Patrice Bäumel – Tactile (Nuno Dos Santos Remix)

Melon – Fall (Tj Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Ratio)

TJ & Nuno Dos Santos – After Dark album remix ep 2 (Pitto, Chymera a.o) (Compost)

TJ & Nuno Dos Santos – After Dark album remix ep 1 (Melon, Llorca a.o) Compost)

H.O.S.H – Cah The Cord (360 Remix) (Diynamic)

Dual Shaman – Ocean Breeze (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Wolfskuil)

TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos – After Dark, My Sweet ALBUM (Compost)

TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos ft Robert Owens – Where Were You (Compost)

Applescal – Black Spirals (Nuno Dos Santos ft Pien Feith Remix) (Traum)

Scope – Runnin The Game (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Large)

Sinner DC – Glass Alley (360 Remix) (Ai)

Sven Prinsen & Unders – Dancing With The Minotaur (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (90 Watts)

Darko Esser – Teardrops (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Wolfskuil)

Estroe – Inspirited Away (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Connaisseur)

360 – Neon Ep (Green) (23-12-2009)

Jay Shepheard – Year To The Day (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Compost)

Nuno Dos Santos & Traumbauer – Bensafrim (Orphanear)

TJ Kong – Music Done To Me (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Compost)

Ivaylo & Lomez – Flies (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Elevation)

Alif Tree – Never Be The Same (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Compost)

Thomas Lauren – Day After Day (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Manual)

Neonbelle – I Just Might (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Manual)

TJ & Nuno Dos Santos ft Robert Owens – Merging Remixes by MCDE a.o (Compost)

Michel De hey – KolaSong (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Wasted)

Ben Mono ft Jemeni – Jesus Was A B-Boy (TJ & Nuno Dos Santos Remix) (Compost)

TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos – Tranentrekker ep (Compost)

TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos – Merging Ep (Compost)

Eric B Young – Sava Ass (360 Remix) (Manual)

Dirt Crew – Get Raw (360 Remix) (Dirt Crew)

TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos – The Deep End Ep (Compost)


17 Nov SoHaSo at Tivoli, Amsterdam
17 Nov Thuishaven, Amsterdam
09 Nov Annabel, Rotterdam
26 Oct Club Spock, Breda
21 Oct SoHaSo at Oosterbar, Amsterdam
19 Oct Life & Death at Thuishaven, Amsterdam
19 Oct NGHTDVSN at De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
12 Oct EKKO, Utrecht
30 Sep Blijburg, Amsterdam
21 Sep SoHaSo at Tivoli, Utrecht
15 Sep Leave Us Lost at Open Studio, Vancouver
09 Sep In het Zand, Utrecht
12 Aug Next Monday’s Hangover, Amsterdam
12 Aug NMH at Bret, Amsterdam
11 Aug Paradigm Festival, Groningen
03 Aug Summer Ribon, Terracina
27 Jul De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
21 Jul The Garten, Beirut
14 Jul Tell No One Open Air at Magiq Spiegeltent, Antwerp
13 Jul Het Magazijn, Den Haag
06 Jul Extrema Festival, Wanroj
01 Jul Awakenings Festival, Spaarnwoude
24 Jun Tbilisi Open Air, Tbilisi
23 Jun Ekko, Utrecht
10 Jun Urban Trail, Utrecht
09 Jun Komm Schon Alter at Tuinen van West, Amsterdam
03 Jun Culturele Zondag at Centraal Museum, Utrecht
02 Jun Ploegendienst, Breda
02 Jun De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
01 Jun Castello Festival, Poland
26 May 909 Festival, Amstelveen
20 May 7th Sunday Festival, Veghel
09 May Sexyland at NDSM, Amsterdam
05 May Thuishaven, Amsterdam
27 Apr Oranjebloesem at Blijburg Aan Zee, Amsterdam
26 Apr Gramdioos, Alkmaar
26 Apr Het Magazijn, Den Haag
21 Apr Radion, Amsterdam
20 Apr EKKO, Utrecht
08 Apr Woodstock69, Bloemendaal
07 Apr Shelter, Amsterdam
24 Mar Catch at Tivoli, Utrecht
10 Mar Weekend Magnifiek, Reuver
02 Mar SoHaSo at Tivoli, Utrecht
09 Feb Badaboum, Paris
02 Feb Radio Kootwijk
20 Jan About Blank, Berlin
13 Jan SoHaSo at Uberhaus, Beirut
12 Jan SoHaSo at Blue Marlin, Dubai


31 Dec Loveland at Mediahaven, Amsterdam
30 Dec Sugarfactory, Amsterdam
16 Dec Chalet, Berlin
15 Dec La Nuit Tropique x SoHaSo at Ekko, Utrecht
08 Dec Strafwerk, Eindhoven
25 Nov Folklor Club, Lausanne
24 Nov SoHaSo at Tivoli, Utrecht
04 Nov Hoop, Den Haag
28 Oct VLLA Spooked, Amsterdam
22 Oct SoHaSo at Thuishaven, Amsterdam
20 Oct komm schon Alter, Theater Amsterdam
20 Oct Audio Obscura x Mosaic ADE, Amsterdam
18 Oct Feijoa Cocktailbar, Amsterdam
30 Sep Kilo Lounge, Singapore
29 Sep Jiro, Kuala Lumpur
22 Sep EKKO, Utrecht
08 Sep Club Smederij, Tilburg
01 Sep 21Leeuwarden , Friesland
26 Aug Castello Festival Polska Edycja, Garbicz
25 Aug Kater Blau, Berlin
19 Aug Strafwerk Festival, Amsterdam
12 Aug Paradigm Festival, Groningen
06 Aug Thuishaven, Amsterdam
30 Jul Het Zand, Utrecht
29 Jul Roest Festival, Grubbenvorst
22 Jul GEM Fest, Anaklia
15 Jul Wildeburg Festival, Kraggenburg
08 Jul All We Want Festival, Goch
02 Jul In het zand, Utrecht
30 Jun Film Pavilion, Tbilisi
24 Jun De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
18 Jun Best Kept Secret, Hilvarenbeek
17 Jun We Are Electric Festival, Eindhoven
10 Jun Paradigm, Groningen
04 Jun Whoosah, Scheveningen
04 Jun De Zon, Blijburg
04 Jun Club Smederij, Tilburg
27 May SoHaSo for Unerhaus, Beirut
25 May Woodstock69, Bloemendaal
20 May Soenda Festival, Utrecht
20 May Paradigm, Groningen
14 May About Blank, Berlin
29 Apr BASIA, Utrecht
27 Apr Patronaat, Haarlem
14 Apr DGTL, Amsterdam
07 Apr EKKO, Utrecht
01 Apr Unbound, Den Haag
01 Apr Het Sieraad, Amsterdam
24 Mar Wilden Renate, Berlin
18 Mar Volt, Milan
11 Mar SoHaSo for Fiction, NYC
04 Mar La Reve, Westerunie
24 Feb SoHaSo at Tivoli, Utrecht
11 Feb Warung, Itajai
09 Feb D-Edge, São Paulo
05 Feb Thuishaven, Amsterdam
04 Feb Hoop, Den Haag
03 Feb P79, Den Bosch
28 Jan Sweat Lodge x Village Underground, London
14 Jan Zukunft, Zurich
13 Jan Folklor Club, Lausanne
01 Jan Thuishaven, Amsterdam


31 Dec Schaalwerk, Utrecht
31 Dec De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
30 Dec Tivoli, Utrecht
24 Dec EKKO, Utrecht
17 Dec SoHaSo at Tivoli, Utrecht
10 Dec Paradiso, Amsterdam
03 Dec ranaat, Barneveld
01 Dec Doornroosje, Nijmegen
19 Nov WTTF at Elementenstraat, Amsterdam
18 Nov SoHaSo x Tivoli, Utrecht
17 Nov Paradigm, Groningen
11 Nov Sweat Lodge x Gewolbe, Cologne
05 Nov Duikboot, Electron
28 Oct Basis, Utrechet
23 Oct SoHaSo ADE x De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
21 Oct L & D ADE at Thuishaven, Amsterdam
16 Oct Paradigm, Groningen
01 Oct Sweat Lodge x Nitsa, Barcelona
17 Sep SoHaSo x Tivoli Utrecht
10 Sep Spational Outdoor, Den Bosch
26 Aug Opium Rooms, Dublin
20 Aug Beachhouse 25, Breskens
20 Aug On9ekend at the Beach, Beachclub Eemhof
14 Aug Sweat Lodge x Glazart, Paris
13 Aug Paradigm Festival, Groningen
11 Aug Gem Festival, Anaklia
24 Jul Twiga Monte Carlo, Monaco
23 Jul CityFox at Supermarket, Zurich
16 Jul Buiten Westen Festival, Ouderkerkerplas
16 Jul Wildeburg Festival, Kraggenburg
09 Jul Tresor, Berlin
07 Jul W Hotel, Bali
02 Jul Kyo, Singapore
27 Jun Cha Cha Moon Club, Kuh Samui
25 Jun SoHaSo @ Corsica Studios, London
18 Jun We Are Electric, Earsel
18 Jun Op Dreef Festival, Roermond
12 Jun SoHaSo @ Whoosah, Scheveningen
11 Jun Voor Pampus bootrave, Amsterdam
10 Jun Die Rakete, Nürnberg
05 Jun Mandala Festival, Wanroij
04 Jun Open Air, Amsterdam
03 Jun Just This @ Depot, Amsterdam
28 May Paradigm, Groningen
27 May Basis, Utrecht
15 May De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
14 May Clicks’n’Beats at Musikbunker, Aachen
13 May TStadstuin, Utrecht
07 May Eeuwigheid at Hedon, Zwolle
06 May Sweat Lodge @ Indigo, Istanbul
05 May Losjes at Tramkade, Den Bosch
27 Apr Voltt, Amsterdam
26 Apr Podium Victorie, Alkmaar
26 Apr Paardenmarkt, Alkmaar
16 Apr LOS, Loods, Amsterdam
09 Apr Nieuwlicht Festival, Amsterdam
01 Apr De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
26 Mar Decadance, Gent
26 Mar Proton, Breda
18 Mar Tivoli, Utrecht
12 Mar Secret Location, Amsterdam
05 Mar Ampere, Antwerp
26 Feb Broodje Aap @ ‘t Bölke, Enschede
20 Feb SoHaSo @ Tivoli, Utrecht
13 Feb Gloss, Milan
13 Feb Soenda Indoor Festival at De Fabrique, Utrecht
12 Feb Studio K, Amsterdam
11 Feb W Hotel, Amsterdam
06 Feb Radion, Amsterdam
30 Jan Sweat Lodge @ About Blank, Berlin
23 Jan Zukunft, Zurich
01 Jan Thuishaven, Amsterdam
01 Jan De Marktkantine, Amsterdam


31 Dec Tivoli, Utrecht
31 Dec Paradigm, Groningen
27 Dec Next Monday’s Hangover, Amsterdam
24 Dec Ekko, Utrecht
18 Dec U Bahn, Tbilisi
12 Dec Suxul, Ingolstadt
06 Dec Tomorrow is Another Day at Funkhaus, Berlin
05 Dec MS Zufriedenheit, Würzburg
04 Dec Schwarzes Schaf, Augsburg
28 Nov Red Triangle, Saint Petersburg
14 Nov Arcade, Eindhoven
07 Nov Nachtmuseum, Westerliefde, Amsterdam
31 Oct CityFox, New York
30 Oct Cabal, Toronto
24 Oct Corsica Studios, London
18 Oct SoHaSo x Maeve ADE at Marktkantine, Amsterdam
16 Oct Mary Go Round Rave, Amsterdam
15 Oct Sweat Lodge x ADE at Club NL, Amsterdam
15 Oct Paradiso, Amsterdam
14 Oct ADE Cocktailparty with Correspondant, Feijoa, Amsterdam
10 Oct Taxi Tanzbar, Genk
03 Oct SoHaSa at Ruigoord, Amsterdam
03 Oct Stekker In De Tunnel, Utrecht
18 Sep SoHaSomewhere at Tivoli, Utrecht
12 Sep Smeerboel Festival, Utrecht
05 Sep Into The Woods, Amsterdam
04 Sep Nuno Dos Santos at Westerunie, Amsterdam
30 Aug Duikboot Festival, Breda
29 Aug Club Hemingway, Leeuwarden
23 Aug Twiga Monte-Carlo, Monaco
22 Aug Sugar Factory, Amsterdam
21 Aug Odisea x Sail at Moby King, Amsterdam
08 Aug Paradigm Festival, Groningen
08 Aug Loveland Festival at Slotepark, Amsterdam
31 Jul Watergate, Berlin
26 Jul In Het Zand, Utrecht
25 Jul Stekker Festival, Utrecht
11 Jul SoHaSomewhere at Paradigm, Groningen
04 Jul Have A Nice Day Festival, Eibergen
26 Jun TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
21 Jun SoHaSo at Whoosah, Scheveningen
20 Jun Festifest After, Amsterdam
20 Jun Sleeptouw Festival, Tilburg
13 Jun TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
13 Jun Doorgedraaid Festival, Leiden
12 Jun Seltene Erden, Nürnberg
11 Jun Studuction, Delft
07 Jun Carpe Noctem at Cruqiusgilde, Amsterdam
06 Jun Free Your Mind Festival, Arnhem
30 May Radion, Amsterdam
30 May Haveneiland, Breda
29 May Cityblend at Ritter Butzke, Berlin
24 May De Victorie, Alkmaar
23 May Chill-Out Festival, Istanbul
22 May Terminal, Lyon
16 May Soenda Festival at Ruigenhoekse Polder, Utrecht
14 May Schwarzes Schaf, Augsburg
09 May Sugar Factory, Amsterdam
05 May Bevrijdingsfestival, Utrecht
02 May About Blank, Berlin
01 May Bird, Rotterdam
27 Apr Loveland van Oranje at Meerpark, Amsterdam
26 Apr Something Happening Somewhere Kingsnight at Tivolivredenburg, Utrecht
03/18 Apr North America Tour TBA
02 Apr Bont & Blauw, S.S.R., Rotterdam
29 Mar Paradigm, Groningen
28 Mar Patronaat, Haarlem
27 Mar Westerunie, Amsterdam
22 Mar Loveland Weekenderat Center Parcs Het Meerdal, America
21 Mar Loos at Poppodium 013, Tilburg
14 Mar LOS! in de Loods 2.0 at Secret Location, Amsterdam
14 Mar Undertone at the Factory 010, Rotterdam
07 Mar JC Pardoes, Hoogwoud
28 Feb Nachtbrigade Winterparade Prodentfabriek at De Nieuwe Stad, Amersfoort
28 Feb Stekker In De Tunnel at Hoog Catharijne Utrecht, Utrecht
28 Feb Wij Zijn Hoop at Hoop, Den Haag
27 Feb Weird Science at P79’s Hertogenbosch
27 Feb Opkikker invites Atomnation at Poppodium EKKO, Utrecht
15 Feb De Raad Van 11 at De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
14 Feb Something Happening Somewhere at Tivoli Vredenburg / Pandora, Utrecht
07 Feb Grasnapolsky 2015, Radio Kootwijk
07 Feb Soenda Indoor atCentral Studios, Utrecht
07 Feb Clup Up, Amsterdam
06 Feb Two years of Subcultuur at Doornroosje, Nijmegen
31 Jan Eeuwigheid at Hedon, Zwolle
31 Jan CLICK 8 YEARS XL ANNIVERSARY, Westerunie, Amsterdam
01 Jan Trouwens at TrouwAmsterdam, Amsterdam