Pharaoh & Yogg
Parallax Records | Counterchange | Non Series | Based in Tel Aviv Israel
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Pharaoh and Yogg
Label owners of Parallax Records and resident DJs at The Block, Pharaoh and Yogg have been defining their individual voice over the past couple of years.

Their unique approach to sound design and structure began making an impact on the industry through their recent run of releases for Parallax Records, The Block Records and Counterchange, as well as their energetic back to back sets in acclaimed clubs such as Berghain, The Block, Village Underground and many others.

Yuval Goren is a label owner of Parallax Records and a resident DJ at The Block club & AVADON parties.

Yogg had his debut EP ‘460’ released in 2016. In the following year he released on Ed Davenport’s Counterchange 10th compilation and The Block club 1st release.
Yogg’s most recent work was released on Non Series.

As a DJ he is known for his long duration sets of Deep, Industrial, mesmerizing and oldschool Techno till the last man standing.

Label owner of Parallax Records and revered resident/curater at The Block club, Pharaoh has established himself as a leading voice of the Tel Aviv electronic music scene.

As a DJ he is praised for his long, high energy sets, where he flawlessly shifts between deep modern techno and dark, broken 90’s electronics.

An enviable set of production skills further showcases Pharaoh’s raw talent, influenced by everything from early electronica, through pounding industrial music.

His highly acclaimed debut EP’s have caught the ears of DJ’s and press alike, with a string of releases and international shows lined up in the near future, Pharaoh is steadily securing his place amongst the worlds most exciting techno artists.

Pharaoh & Yogg played their debut at Berghain in September 2017, and have recently toured Japan, South Korea and Ukraine.


Pharaoh / Jeroen Search / Savas Pascalidis / Pom Pom – Naïf 10 ‎(12″) Naïf 2018

Yogg, Distant Echoes – NON31 (12″) Non Series 2018

Various – Co-Ops Vol.2 ‎(2×12″) Counterchange Recordings 2018

Pharaoh & Yogg – Jacqueline ‎(12″) Block Records 2017

Pharaoh – Spiral ‎(12″) Parallax 2017

Yogg – 460 ‎(12″) Parallax 2016

Pharaoh, Yogg – Vega 101 ‎(12″) Vega 2013

Tv.out, Pharaoh, Yogg – Parallax 01 ‎(12″) Parallax 2014


The Block residents Pharaoh & Yogg have a couple of releases coming out this fall on their label Parallax Records, a release for Taapion later this year, and remix EP coming soon. Available for DJ sets together and solo.


For Tel Aviv Gigs Visit Yogg & Pharaoh

08 Dec Concrete, Paris
23 Jun Plivka, Kiev
16 Jun Contact, Tokyo
15 Jun Vurt, Seoul

27 Sep Berghain, Berlin
12 May Village Underground, London

17 Dec Tresor, Berlin
23 Jul Autonomes Zentrum Köln, Cologne