Just This | Based in Milan Italy


Pisetzky spent the last few years to discover all the deepest bass lines of different sound dimensions, becoming quickly one the finest rising talents from the vibrant Milan’s electronic music scene.

Being part of the label Just This which he runs together with his fellows and friends Hunter/Game, his EP “Elevation” released in 2016 quickly enhanced as a dance floor anthem, with the gem “Adria” crowned 1st on Resident Advisor Chart. His latest releases on the same imprint, “Perù”, an original track with Tom Trago (our other headliner), and ‘’Self Dimension’’ have also moved hearts and minds of dedicated connoisseurs and clubbers. He performed at internationally recognized festivals such as Amsterdam’s ADE and Mexico’s BPM Festival as well as in famous clubs around the globe.

Pisetzky reveals a refined appetite to explore forward thinking and melancholic techno soundscapes. A unique and powerful blend of deep textures, pounding beats and piercing synths, which led him to his style: powerful and melancholic multi layered soundscapes.


Pisetzky – Tears Of A Rough Machine LP – Just This, 2017

Pisetzky – Self Dimension – Just This VA Part 2, 2016

Tom Trago & Pisetzky – Perù – Just This VA Part 1, 2016

Pisetzky – Elevation EP – Just This, 2016

Hunter/Game & Pisetzky – Dystopia EP – Last Night on Earth, 2015

Pisetzky – Off the Map EP – Just This, 2015


Coming Soon


09 Sep Lot 613, Los Angeles
01 Sep Highlight Festival, Ypres
14 Aug Rive di Traiano, Terracina
11 Aug Magik Bar, Rome
06 Aug Liasti, Mykonos
28 Jul Polifonic, Masseria Del Turc
20 Jul Afrobar, Catania
07 Jul Studio 76, Madrid
23 Jun Tempio Del Futuro, Milan
15 Jun In-Store, Barcelona
14 Jun Studio 76 Off Week Event, Barcelona
07 Jun Convivio, Milan
02 Jun Afrobar, Catania
26 May Corvin, Budapest
19 May Nitsa, Barcelona
21 Apr Volt, Milan
13 Apr Studio Crobar, Buenos Aires
31 Mar Auberge, Lugano
03 Mar Volt, Milan
17 Feb Floor, Istanbul
03 Feb The Sanctuary, Rome
27 Jan Afrobar, Catania
20 Jan About Blank, Berlin
13 Jan Volt, Milan
19 Jan BobBeaman, Munich
05 Jan D Club, Laussane


23 Dec Fabrika, Castiglione del Lago
22 Dec The Sanctuary, Rome
02 Dec PIX, Athens
01 Dec Tokyo Bar, Thessaloniki
25 Nov Nowhere, Bergamo
04 Nov The Sanctuary, Rome
20 Oct Just This ADE, Amsterdam
16 Sep Volt, Milan
18 Aug Just This at Alemagou, Mykonos
27 Jul Cocoon at Tipic, Formentera
15 Jul Diapason at Castello Calcione, Arezzo
07 Jul Polifonic, Monopoli
16 Jun Just This OFF Sonar, Barcelona
03 Jun Just This at Kafes, Istanbul
27 May Volt, Milan
28 Apr Just This at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
21 Apr Bootleg, Tel Aviv
07 Apr Kompass Klub, Ghent
01 Apr Volt, Milan
24 Mar Materia.fm, Prague
22 Mar Trade, Miami
18 Mar Just This at Nitsa, Barcelona
24 Feb Corvin Club, Budapest
17 Feb Gattonero, Palermo
10 Feb Blow, Buenos Aires
08 Feb Between Us at La Princesa, Buenos Aires
28 Jan CLUB Division, Thessaloniki


26 Dec Θέατρο Ουήλ, Larisa
24 Dec Badewanne, Nürnberg
17 Dec Sweat Lodge x Six Dogs, Athens
14 Dec Trade, Miami
07 Dec Volt, Milan
03 Dec Mandarino Club, Taranto
26 Nov Hangar, Pietrasanta
25 Nov Just This at Village Underground, London
12 Nov SONORA, Barletta
31 Oct Volt, Milan
29 Oct Volt, Milan
28 Oct Bootleg, Tel Aviv
21 Oct Just This ADE, Amsterdam
24 Sep Studio 76, Madrid
23 Sep After Dark at Guggenheim Museum & Fever, Bilbao
17 Sep Street Parade, Milan
11 Sep Visions of Beyond at Harilaq Fortress, Kosovo
11 Aug Afterlife at Space, Ibiza
30 Jul Just This Stage at Voltage Festival Transfo, Zwevegem
26 Jul Tipic, Formentera
23 Jul La playa Hotel Club, Hammamet
09 Jul Sun Up, Crema
02 Jul Ruigoord, Amsterdam
24 Jun Just This at Radium, Tbilisi
22 Jun Wanderlust / Nuits Fauves, Paris
17 Jun Just This Sonar at Up & Down, Barcelona
03 Jun Just This at Radion, Amsterdam
04 Jun Traumfänger Festival, Munich
01 Jun Just This, Copenhagen
14 May Spazio 900, Rome
30 Apr Social Music City, Milan
24 Apr Liberation Festival at Afrobar, Sicily
16 Apr Sensual Culture at Off Location, Munich
10 Apr Cosa Nostra, Malta
09 Apr Noir Club, Jesi (Ancona)
08 Apr Just This at Tunnel, Milan
01 Apr Le Dhow, Rabat
27 Mar Club Søndag, Hulste
27 Feb Metamorphosi @ Haus Drei&Dreißig, Nuremberg
26 Feb Kosmonaut, Berlin
20 Feb Gloss, Milan
13 Feb Private, Vilnius
12 Feb Bauhaus, Bergamo
06 Feb Bloc, London
15 Jan L&D at The Jungle, Playa del Carmen
02 Jan Roadless Festival, Playa del Carmen
01 Jan Cosmo Afterparty, Rome


26 Dec Just This at PIXI, Athens
11 Dec Signals at Weekend, Berlin
03 Dec Antonioli, Milan
27 Nov Tunnel, Milan
21 Nov Just This at Nitsa, Barcelona
07 Nov The Pickle Factory, London
24 Oct Just This at Baalsaal, Hamburg
23 Oct Boom Boom Room, Kiev
17 Oct Life & Death ADE at Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam
03 Oct Electric at Divina, Milan
02 Oct Cafe d’anvers, Antwerp
27 Sep TBA, Barcelona
26 Sep Techno Day, Milan
18 Sep Village Underground, London
13 Sep Oasi, Venice
20 Aug Carpe Diem, Tunisia
07 Aug Magnolia Festival, Milan
02 Aug Magic Monday, Reggio Calabria
26 Jul Il Grid Festival, Gallipoli
19 Jul Social Music City, Milan
07 Jul Goa, Rome
02 Jul Cocoon at Tipic, Formentera
20 Jun Obscure & Voodoo Agency, Barcelona
19 Jun Just This Sonar, Barcelona
14 Jun Social Music City, Milan
05 Jun Culture Box, Copenhagen
04 Jun Distortion Festival, Copenhagen
23 May Social Music City, Milan
21 May Void, Milan
16 May Circolo Illuminati, Rome
05 May Masseria Del Turco, Bari
08 May Culture Box, Copenhagen
01 May Social Music City, Milan
18 Apr Indigo, Istanbul
04 Apr Gloss Club, Milan
26 Mar Tree House, Miami
20 Mar Dude Club, Milan
13 Mar Culture Box, Copenhagen
07 Mar Square, Teramo
19 Feb Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milan
13 Feb Factory, Milano
28 Jan Secretroom, Legnano
24 Jan Masseria D.T., Bari
22 Jan Stock, Milan
16 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin
15 Jan BPM, Playa del Carmen
10 Jan Gloss, Milan


31 Dec Amore Festival, Rome
29 Nov Gloss, Milan
25 Oct Bolgia, Bergamo
22 Oct Magazzini Generali, Milan
19 Oct ADE, Amstrerdam
10 Oct Contact, Milan
09 Oct Oasi, Vicenza
26 Sep Culture Box, Copenhagen
31 Aug Masseria Tretta, Bari
30 Aug Quon, Bari
24 Aug Innervision Night, Venice
16 Aug Barrakud Festival, Greece
09 Aug Barrakud Festival, Croatia
25 Jun Villaggio Corelli X Magazzini Generali, Milan
16 Jun Contact & Loud Off Sonar Poble Espanyol, Barcelona
22 May Just This, Milan
17 May Gloss Club, Milan
09 May Arena Underground, Verona
08 May Sarajevo
01 May Culture Box, Copenhagen
21 Apr We Talk at Somne, Bari
20 Apr Cosa Nostra, Malta
18 Apr Contact, Milan
28 Mar Turin
21 Mar Pwp, Milan
26 Feb Magazzini Generali, Milan
01 Feb Gloss Club, Milan
31 Jan L’operà, es Deux Alpes
24 Jan Contact, Milan
22 Jan C_Lab, Milan
18 Jan Reset, Bari
03 Jan Pwp, Milan