Arcing Seas | Fever AM | Based in Berlin, Germany

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Rhyw – TH05 / EP on Tar Hallow

Rhyw – Cave Walls (Part one) (AVN030) / EP on Avian

Rhyw – MKFBTB / track on Planet Rhythm V.A.

Rhyw – Emulsion Steps (FAM02) / EP on Fever AM

Rhyw – Droogs (TH08) / EP on Tar Hallow


With a string of recent releases on Avian, Fever AM, Arcing Seas, Bassiani and Tar Hallow, Rhyw delivers an exclusive mix for Hate.


18 Dec The Phoenix Landing, Cambridge
14 Dec VSSL vs Ruse, Los Angeles
16 Nov Barrio by Picaso, Kuala Lumpur
01 Nov Ypsilon, Thessaloniki
26 Sep Berghain, Berlin
20 Jul VISIO Festival, Helsinki
16 Jun Tresor, Berlin
11 May Tar Hallow Night, Rotterdam
12 Apr Spacehall In-Store, Berlin
04 Apr ALL, Shanghai
31 Mar Exit, Chengdo
30 Mar Oil, Shenzen
09 Mar Π31 at About Blank, Berlin
03 Feb Faust, Seoul

16 Dec Berghain, Berlin
08 Dec Aphotic, New York
02 Dec Nothing But Techno, Dallas
01 Dec Into The Woods, Los Angeles
16 Sep Reworks Festival, Thessaloniki
30 Jul Krake Festival, Berlin
07 Jul Good Room, New York
10 Jun About Blank, Berlin