Running Back: Eagles & Butterflies

Welcome to Retropolis! Known for the inimitable Can’t Stop with Coloray, an unhealthy obsession with vintage music machines, a baroque style in the use of synthesizer melodies and a forewarn-looking approach to the past, Chris Barratt’s music as Eagles & Butterflies can be as fun-loving as melancholically beautiful. For his long overdue debut on Running Back, the english man dishes out a bit of both in a healthy bowl of broth.

Retropolis is not only the direction giving title, but bold and bonny at the same time. That its working title was Italo should tell you all you need to know. Suitable for big rooms, major moments, minor miracles and sophisticated car chase scenes alike. Faster takes off in another direction. Imagine two people falling in love during a bumper car ride – heartfelt vocals included.

On the flip side E&B follows a similar state of equilibrium. Like the highs and lows and ups and downs in a John Hughes movie, it also showcases the characteristics of two synthesizer classics: the exuberant piano version of Juno Ninja (please look at the digital release for a version devoid of it) offsets the poignant and plangent vibe of CS-80. In summary: made with lots of synthesizers and for fans of keyboard music. And always keep in mind: the future sounds and looks better than you think!