• Based Berlin, Germany
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Arch stands for immersive, experimental, electro-acoustic, IDM and avant-garde audio experiences.

We want to re-invent the term ‘ambient’ to encompass all the dynamics, transcendent melodic content and experimental textures that electronic music has to offer, when removed from the four-to-the-floor club template.

Recording and performing music for arch should be a liberating experience that can lead to artistic self-discovery and expanded forms of expression.

Things we like: complex melodies, hypnotising rhythms, irregular tunings, sequencer patterns, sub-bass, delay, spoken word, film samples.

01 Sep Flaminia, Jacqnoise, Peter Kirn + DJ Jamaica Suk at about blank garden, Berlin
28 Jul Ignzes, Inland B2B Magna Pia, Toxido Mask + DJ Sam Goku at about blank garden, Berlin


14 Oct Amandra, Fred Mann, Kev Sheridan + DJ Johanna Knutsson at Prince Charles, Berlin
16 Sep Magna Pia, Mattheis, Merrin Karras + DJ Maryisonacid at Prince Charles, Berlin
19 Aug BNJMN, Inland, Jamaica Suk + DJ Monty Luke at Prince Charles, Berlin