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Dj Fra is one of the heads of the most important club in Spain and one of the most revered in Europe; Nitsa Club in Barcelona. He’s been a resident dj for over 20 years and is considered a “walking encyclopedia” as it is proved in his Dj sets. Fra Soler is also known as Ferenc, his name as producer for the trend-setting German label runned by Michael Mayer, Wolfgang Voigt and Jurgen Paape; KOMPAKT. Ferenc released several 12’s and and a LP titled “Fraximal” over last decade.

Working as dj and programmer at Nitsa and Primavera Sound Festival, Fra has been influential in the European club scene by bringing to Nitsa Club and Primavera Sound new talented djs using his special sense of musical taste, keeping Nitsa´s pioneering status ahead. Due to all this vast experience we dare to say that Dj Fra is crucial to understand Spanish dance – electronic music. The list of djs who have visited Nitsa is endless, from Aphex Twin to Derrick May, from Jamie xx to Larry Heard… Fra has shared decks with them all.

He has also djed in clubs all over the World; Rex (Paris), Panoramabar (Berlin), D-Edge (Sao Paulo) or Fabric (London) are just some examples. He´s also been part of the line up in festivals like Sònar (Barcelona), ATP (England), FYF (Los Angeles) or Primavera Sound (Barcelona), where he played his first Boiler Room in 2013. Another two Boiler Room sets followed, one in 2015 and one in 2019.

In the past few years he’s started Nitsa Traxx, a record label which has featured releases from spanish artists Eduardo De La Calle, Ferenc, Fosc, Lament, Sau Poler and Daniel Kyo. A lot is expected from a label that tries to showcase the cool sounds of the ever-growing quality electronic scene in Spain. Nitsa Traxx has featured two brand new projects in which Fra is involved; Lament, a project with Marc Piñol, and Fosc, a project with Shelby Grey. Both Marc and Shelby are residents of Nitsa Club and longtime friends.

In 2019 saw the birth of Fraternity, the monthly night Fra has started at Nitsa Club, where he plays along a friend dj all-night long. Fraternity is a big success and has welcomed so far Mano Le Tough, Michael Mayer, Jennifer Cardini, Pional, Ivan Smagghe, Lord Of The Isles, Architectural and Roman Flügel. Before the end of the year, John Talabot, Ellen Allien and several more will join forces with Fra to continue this journey.

27 Mar Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + Jackmaster)
28 Feb Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + DJ Seinfeld)
24 Jan Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + Kitten)
18 Jan Sweat Lodge at About Blank, Berlin
11 Jan Nitsa Showcase at Gare, Porto


14 Dec Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + Marc Piñol)
16 Nov Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + Svreca)
26 Oct Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + Ellen Allien)
27 Sep Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + John Talabot)
27 Jul Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + Pional)
28 Jun Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + Roman Flügel)
27 Apr Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + Jennifer Cardini)
29 Mar Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + Mano Le Tough)
26 Jan Fraternity at Nitsa, Barcelona (DJ Fra + Michael Mayer)