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In the last years, we have been challenging the ideas of what nightlife culture can or should be. We are a small independent team of environment creators. A group of people with the sole purpose of providing an ecosystem for expression that doesn’t have a place to flourish in the normal world. Our palette doesn’t accept easy single slice cheese. Our interests are beyond that, beyond the banality of happy meals and Poundland nightlife. We have a taste for the non-vanilla and if you’ve read this far, so do you.

What we’ve understood about making an event is that the experiences are temporary, they can’t be passed on or communicated with other people. With this comes an energy that is beyond materialism. In these passing moments, our role has been to create a secure and judgmental free environment that challenges people to push beyond ideas of conformity and find new levels of comfort. The memory of each event lives on in each person’s mind. Each and every person takes away a different thing.

Just like every success story, we are started in a basement. The difference with us is that we’re most at home underground. In the cool depths of this familiar territory, we are creating spaces that allow people to flourish, for new connections to be formed and new modes of interaction to be explored. Verboten became a members club in 2016 in order to create a truly safe space that resonates within us and amplifies the sonic energy required to escape the world above.