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  • Based Offenbach, Germany
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As the name states Live at Robert Johnson is the associated label of the respected venue in Offenbach and incorporates what the club stands for. The imprint has been establishing a solid ground for the new Frankfurt sound since 2009. By featuring internationally acclaimed artists LARJ has been providing DJs and audiences with essential tunes in an extensive range of high-quality electronic music. LARJ is curated by Ata Macias and Horkheimer.

  • Melt: Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson will take over the Club Stage at Melt on Sunday June 12th featuring Franziska Berns B2B Markus... Read more

18 Mar TBA, TBA (ES)


05 Nov Gewolbe, Cologne (lineup TBA)
04 Nov TBA, TBA (BE)
15 Jul eZo, Tbilisi (ATA, Lauer)
10 Jul ELSE, Berlin (Roman Flügel, Ata b2b Chloé , Robert Dietz, Michael Satter, Reka Zalan, Horkheimer)
01 Jul Virgo, Paris (Ata, Chinaski Damiano von Erckert , Franziska Berns)
12 Jun Melt, Ferropolis (Franziska Berns B2B Markus Sommer, Horkheimer, Felice B2B Sirs, New Hook Hybrid, Chinaski)
22 May Streetparade, Athens (ATA, Lauer)
19 May Slippers, Tel Aviv (ATA, Lauer)
06 May Shelter, Amsterdam (Horkheimer, Jennifer Touch Live, Laura BCR, Perdu)